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damnitandy (╯‵□′)╯ I know you like me, admit it!
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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

We go to the library and we are greeted by stuck-ups. No, like they look like they legit have a stick up their-

You know-

Anyways, Ramona starts speaking cursive spanish to these people, and the older one then turns to english. Me not knowing what to say, mostly because RAMONA NEVER TOLD US ANYTHING, blurted the first words that came to mind.

TO MY COMPLETE AND UTTER SHOCK- those words kinda made sense. I actually stopped myself from saying, and I quote- "Your toads look like Olaf"

I try to follow their conversation- but latin isnt the same as french. Sure french has ties to latin- but not a lot im afraid.

We trugded up the stair to the library and THE LIBRARY WAS HUGE! HOW MANY BOOKS ARE THERE??? My guess: a lot

Some girl came squealing over "rOmA" the actual fuck-

The pretty much share life stories at this part- boring! No need to go to detail. The girl then says something about action, so of COURSE i had to pipe up- the poor scrawny girl wouldnt last a day! I needed to save her from her own dissapointment!

Ramona scolds me- I get that a lot- from pretty much everybody.

ok- im about to scream she just blushed at ART of all people- theres better honey

Art then scolds me- it hit right in the heart those words still ringing in my head "What kind of person are you?" "Your gonna die alone."

Well, for the first question- I dont even know anymore...

The last one- Oh honey, I know. ~Andy

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