Andys Journal- but its different Pt 2

Andys Journal- but its different Pt 2 #damnitandy stories

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Journal Entry Time- bit its different...

Andys Journal- but its different Pt 2

A/N: This isnt your regular journal entry- this is what Andy was doing when Art and Charley had some alone time. And all credit goes to the artists- whoever/wherever they may be

He looks at me as if the time apart never happened. He tries to read my face, trying to figure out if I even wanted to see him here. He slowly walks towards me, as if I was a hurt animal that could pounce at any moment.

I look at my nails, trying to come off as cool, and not as nervous as I actually was.

Hey... I didnt expect you to be here...

Yeah- same with you.

Arianna- I- Uh-

Dont worry about it Fritz...

He chuckles at my old nickname for him.

And, uh, its Andy now...

Oh- ok... Sooo....

I just stare at him blankly, trying to make him feel quilty. It works

Umm- how have you been, uh, Andy?


I say bluntly He "casually" sits next to me, putting his arm on the peice of bench behind me.

Im sorry- like truely sorry.

I know...

He just stops and looks at me.

You know why, correct?

Freeman Antonio Leonardo, yeah, I know.

He kinda looks shocked that I used his full name. I find this amusing.

We sit in silence. I close my eyes, trying to stop the tears from falling.

He senses what im doing. He grabs my hand.

Lets go for a walk.

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