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Word count of 998 words about three adventurers traveling together. A wizard, a warrior, and a rogue hear word that there is chest that belonged to a famous jester who left it in a cave. The three adventurers venture out to find what's inside the jester's chest.

A Jester's Chest is actually a written excerpt from a larger story I am currently working on. I thought I'd share it into a short-story format because I really enjoyed writing this particular tale. I did write others like this one, however I might add them at another time. Thank you for your time and hope you enjoy your day...

By: Dakota J. Dwain

A Jester's Chest

by Dakota J. Dwain (me)

There was a wizard, a warrior, and a rogue traveling together. As they wandered through many towns, they heard word of rumors that a famous jester left his chest of goodies in a cave.

Not for long, they learnt the location of that cave and journeyed to it they did.

As the adventurers traveled along the dirt road to the cave the rouge said, "so what do you think is in the chest... warrior?" The warrior smiled and raised his eyebrow,"hmm...

maybe some new armor for me. Wouldn't that be nice." The rouge nodded his head and asked the wizard the same question. "What about you wizard?" She doesn't hesitate to answer,

"I wish for a scroll to grant me larger cleavage, so I can be more beautiful. How about you?" The rouge nodded his head again and answered. "Me? Oh...

well, I suppose whatever is in the chest, I'll just take my portion." The wizard smirked, "that didn't answer my question, but whatever suits you I guess."

Finally, they arrived at Treasure's Keep in front of a dark cave.

The rouge peeked inside, "seems rather scary for a jester's chest to be lurking in a cave like this one?" SHRIEK-FLAP-FLAP! Couple of bats flu by the rouge.

"Aahhh!" he ducked for cover out of shock. The Warrior pointed and laughed at him.

"Hahaha! Did the little flying critters scare you away rouge?!" While the wizard conjured a spell of light and the shining ball hovered above her head.

"Well I don't have all day, so let's get this chest, split our portions, and say our farewells." Then she walked into the cave and passed them both.

The warrior shrugged his shoulders, "right behind you miss."

And so they walked and walked to search for the jester's chest.

Suddenly! They were ambush by the undead! Rattling and rustling bones come together to form many skeletons! Walking smelly corpses dug out from the ground. What shall our adventurers do now?"

SLICE-SLASH! The warrior wielded his two handed battle axe and slew down two skeletons that were in front of them.

BOOSH-BOOM! The wizard blasted fire on three walking corpses and burned them into ashes. TWANG-TUFF-TUFF-STAB-STAB! The Rouge killed the rest of the deadly foes.

Thereof, the undead have been dealt with. Now our adventurers make way to the jester's chest, but once they found it; no one knew how to open it up.

BAM-TING! The warrior swung his axe at the chest and the rouge reacted to it. "We already tried that Warrior." The wizard gently laid her hand on the warrior, "here... step aside.

" She waved her hands in a magical gesture as her book floated near her. Then a spell was cast upon the chest.

"Unlock the chains that bind this chest and deliver what I seek!" But nothing happened... and the chest remained unopened.

The warrior grew a puzzled face,"uh? Did it work?" The rouge replied, "I don't think so.

" The wizard flexed her muscles and became angry, "argh! Must be a damn curse cast unto the chest! This won't be easy.

" Tap-Tap and the rouge suggested his word to her, "okay, let me give it a try." The rouge attempted to lock pick it but struggled greatly and failed he did.

"It's as if this chest can't be opened?"

"The chest spoke out loud. "Gibber-Jabber! An axe won't break me! A spell won't open me! And a lock-pick will not unlock me!" The warrior gasped, "It speaks?" Another word came out of the chest.

"Ramble-Mumble! For those who want to eye what's inside this chest. Must surely answer my little-riddle!" The warrior sighed, "I found it annoying." The wizard sighed as well, "I was right...

a curse. Well a simple riddle shouldn't be too hard."THUMP-THUMP-THUMP! And the chest jumped up and down. "Okay let's play! I am not a royal flush like my friends, but I can tell a good joke.

I never sleep because I don't have to. I love to play games, however I am always neglected. So I forever juggle my balls in my painting as a jester among fools. Who am I?"

Our adventures sat and thought for a while until the Rouge came up with an answer.

The warrior sat on the chest, "blather-chatter! Can you please get off of me!" He yawned as he stood up to pace back and forth.

"This is all boring.

" Abruptly, a finger lifted from the rouge and said, "I have the answer!" The chest jumped out of excitement, "yippy-yappy! Please do tell!" So the rouge explained his answer.

"The only jester I know who can't sleep, is stuck in a painting, and loves to play games; is a joker in a deck of playing cards." Once more the chest jumped up and down.

"Yes-Yes-YES! You've done it rogue one and now you can have what's inside. The adventures get excited and leaned closer to the chest, but it spoke first.

But-But-BUT! Before you take anything from me, you must share your fortune to charity.

Therefore the course will be lifted upon you, for if you dare to tempt your own greed, then you shall rot like a seed."

All nodded their heads to the jester's chest and took what they pleased. The chest laughed and disappeared while the rest of the adventures parted their ways.

The Warrior purchased the finest armor he could find. Poof! He turned into a talking chest. The Wizard seek to lift the course herself, so only she would prosper from her fortune.

Poof! She too turned into a chattering chest. The Rouge however, was very sly and clever. He did what the chest requested and gave his wealth to charity.

The course was lifted and soon afterwards the Rouge stole back his fortune the night after. The folks of the village were upset and made heed to spread his name across the world.

He was known as Curran: Bodkin of The Sly and Hasty."


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