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"I should have..."

<Should Have> by daisies🌼

Should Have

I think it was three or four years ago when we started to get close as friends.

We were good friends and we supported each other really well.

The more we talk, the more we got closer and the more that I felt comfortable with you.

I remember that one time you danced on stage. My eyes were on you all the time.

I didn't even bother looking at how your groupmates were doing. I watched you dance and I couldn't help but smile all throughout your performance.

I only thought of you as a good friend and nothing else really.

It was a beautiful friendship and I knew it was going to last a lifetime.

But apparently, you had something else at mind.

After more than a year, We shared more about ourselves and knew each other quite well.

The more I got comfortable with you, the more I shared personal thoughts to you.

... and the more I revealed what I truly broken I am.

Two years ago, I was broken and sad. You were the only person who I could talk to about what I was feeling.

You've comforted me in my darkest days. You've listened to me and tried to understand me.

I appreciated you and was thankful you were my friend.

You were so good to me that I felt guilty and ashamed...

... when you confessed to me and rejected you because I was waiting for someone else.

I'm sorry...

I'm very sorry.

You confessed to me a bunch of times...

And everytime, I just keep rejecting you.

I feel ashamed of myself now that I'm looking back into it.

I feel like an idiot for not choosing you first.

I am angry with myself for not loving you sooner.

When I finally convinced myself that the person I'm waiting for already loved someone else,

I started to like you.

More than as a friend.

When I was about to confess to you about it...

You told me you were in love with someone else.

I thought you were lying.

I wish you were.

But you had joy and excitement in your eyes as you say the name of the girl you love.

It shattered my heart into pieces when you apologized for confessing to me so many times.

But I didn't want to hear your apology.

I wanted you to take back what you said.

I wanted you and your love.

But it was too late.

You are now happily engaged to the girl who loves you back.

And that girl wasn't me.

I should have accepted you right away.

I should have chosen you first.

I should have loved you back when I had the chance.

I should have...

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