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"Wait! Where are we going?!"

<R I V A L S- Episode 5- "Library" >

(so so sorry! Please forgive me for posting this one so late >~<)

R I V A L S- Episode 5


I rubbed my forehead and grunted as I put down my textbooks. "Ugh, studying two books at the same time won't work. How stupid of me." I said biting my pen.

I sighed and looked around the library. There were just a few people in the library.

Maybe I should read a different book.

Maybe I should read a different book. Something to ease my mind a bit.

I stood up and went to the fiction area which was across the room.

I scanned through the spines of the fiction books on the shelf. Not a single title caught my attention. They were all so... cliché.


Shadows. The City of Gold.

Shadows. The City of Gold. Adventures of a Princess.

Shadows. The City of Gold. Adventures of a Princess. Black and White.

Shadows. The City of Gold. Adventures of a Princess. Black and White.

Shadows. The City of Gold. Adventures of a Princess. Black and White. Love is Treasure.

Shadows. The City of Gold. Adventures of a Princess. Black and White. Love is Treasure. Love is Blind.


I look around some more around the area. A thick book with a pretty lady in a fancy dress on the cover caught my eye.

It was titled, "The Selection Series".

"Ooh.. Interesting. " I grabbed the book and started flipping the pages.

"Finally found a book you like?" a voice startled me and I look around me to see who it was.

"I'm here. At the other side of this bookshelf." I look through a small gap in the bookshelves and saw Marcus, indeed at the other side of the bookshelf.

"Oh my gosh! I didn't see you there. How long have you been there?" I half whispered. "Not too long. I just got here. What book did you pick?" he asked.

"Oh it's titled, The Selection Series. Apparently it's about some selection done by the royal family to choose the prince's bride." I said as I showed the cover of the book.

"She's really pretty and it caught my eye. I just wanted to read a little something to ease up my mind from studying." Am I talking too much?

"How about you? What book are you picking?" I said blushing at the thought that we are actually talking with a bookshelf in between us.

"I'm here to return a book that I borrowed. I'll be borrowing another one to complete my book quota. Any suggestions on what I should borrow?" he smiled.

"I- uhhh. Don't really read that much fiction these days. But I like reading Inspirational books since they're not that long. They're really cool. It always motivates me. You could try reading some if you want."

"That sounds nice. Thanks, Ameliah." I gazed into his eyes and they seemed to be smiling or maybe it's just my imagination.

"I'll go now. I want to borrow this right away and get to reading. See you around." I smiled at him and waved goodbye.

I went to the librarian's desk and borrowed it right away. After that, I head back to the table where I was studying and started reading a few chapters.

Time passed by and I realized that I should get back to studying. I placed a bookmark in the book and closed it and went back to my textbooks to study.

"You're studying?"

I looked up and see Marcus holding a book.

How is this boy always startling me?

"Marcus? You're still here?" I said as I straightened my posture.

"Yeah, I was reading an inspirational book. I saw your name in the borrower's card so I thought maybe it was good since you borrowed it." he said showing the book he borrowed and it was the same book that I have borrowed days ago.

"That book is more of like... uhhh... For self therapy.... Are you sure you're liking that one?" I said as I patted on the seat beside me signalling him to sit.

He sat and placed his book on the table.

"Well, yeah. Just going through some stuff lately. But don't worry, I feel okay now. Especially after reading this book." he smiled genuinely.

"Oh no. What happened?" I said concerned.

He shrugged and putting the book aside, "It's nothing for you to worry about. I'm sure you've got lots of things to worry like this thing you're studying here."

He grabbed my textbook and looked at what I was studying.

"I was just advanced studying. There's no upcoming tests so I thought I could use this free time to study." I said blushing seeing how close we were to each other.

"I can see that. Dang, do you do this everytime you have spare time?" he asked looking back at me. "I-uhh.. No...I draw sometimes." I said.

All I do in my spare time is work for some extra money. Of course, I can't say that. He'll think that I'm lame.

"You're a very responsible and hardworking person, Amy. You're parents must be very proud of you." he said patting my shoulder.

I do hope so.

"But you should do something for yourself once in awhile, you know? You're young. You should have some fun too." Marcus stands up and closes my textbooks and starts stacking them.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused.

He carries my books along with his one book, "Come on. It's Friday! You don't have other things to do, right?"

Well, I mean... Other than prepare dinner tonight. There's not much that I have to do. I usually just chill during Fridays. Besides, Dad is picking up Lilli today.

"I guess so. Why?" I said standing up.

"Well, then. Let's have some fun!" Marcus grabs my arm and rushes me out of the library.

"Wait! Where are we going?!" I exclamed.

"You'll see!" Marcus grins.

Thank you for reading! I'm very sorry if it took me a long time to post another one :> Have been busy dealing with personal matters lately

I hope you enjoyed this one! Have a nice day <3 -𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓮𝓼🌼

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