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"He's going to call me?!"

<R I V A L S- Episode 4- "Call" >

( Sorry it took me so long to post another episode :v)

R I V A L S- Episode 4


I waited for my sister to safely get on the ground before hopping off the bike. "How did your test go, by the way?" I asked as I unbuckled my helmet.

"It was pretty easy. I think I might ace this one!" she said with beaming eyes. "I'm pretty sure you did, Lilli." I smiled and gave her a pat on the head.

I unlocked the door and we both went inside of our home. "Dad! We're home!" I said as I went to the living room. Dad turns around, looking surprised. Then I noticed Faith sitting beside him.

"Oops! I'm so sorry to disturb! Carry on with whatever you were doing." I smirked. "We were just watching tv, dear. Don't be like that!" Faith blushed and laughed.

Faith is Dad's girlfriend. Faith is a lot younger than dad. She is very attractive and kind. She runs her family's bakery. They have been together for a year now.

Ever since mom passed away, Dad has been such a wreck. It's a good thing he met Faith. Im sure all what Mom wants is Dad to be happy.

"Daddy brought Faith?!" Lilli rushed beside me to see. When she saw Faith, she immediately ran to her. "Faith!" Lilli hugged her tightly and Faith hugged her back.

Lillianne is 5 years younger than me. Mom died after she gave birth to Lilli. She has never seen Mom or even experience love from a mom. It would be nice if she gets to experience it from Faith.

"You miss me already?" Faith smiles warmly. She is so nice to us. "Yes! I made a drawing for you. Do you wanna see it?" she said already rummaging through her school bag.

"I'll leave you guyz be. I have to finish some homework." I walked away and head to my room. I changed into some clothes and immediately went to work.

I finished my homework in just about 30 minutes. I only had a few so it didn't take me long to get them done. I went out of my room to start cooking for dinner. When I went out, I saw Faith setting the table.

"Oh, Faith. You're still here?" She normally goes home before the sun sets. "I bought you guys dinner. You don't have to cook, Ameliah." she smiled. "Oh wow, thanks. Let me help you." I said as I went to the kitchen to grab some glasses.

We all ate dinner together with Faith. Eating dinner with Faith felt like the house was complete. I really want Faith to become our mom.

"Have a good night girls. And you too, Delan." Faith said as she kisses Dad's cheek. "Goodnight to you too Faith. Give me a call when you reach home. " Dad blushes and smiles. "I will." Faith waves goodbye and goes inside of her car.

When Faith finally drove away, I asked Dad. "When are you going to propose to her, Dad?"

Daddy seemed surprised by my question but he managed to keep his composure. "Very soon, princess." he smiled and pinched my cheeks.

I'm so happy! I can't wait for Faith to be my mom!

"I can't wait to have a mom, daddy!" Lilli said as she hugged dad. "Okay! You two, go to bed now. You have school tomorrow. Come on now." he said as he carries Lilli on his back.

"Woohoo!" Lilli cheerfully said as Dad carries her to her bedroom and I just laughed at them. I went back to my room and got ready for bed.

As I was about to get under the sheets, suddenly my phone buzzed. I grabbed it to see what it was.

It was a message.

From Marcus.

"Whatcha doing?" the message says. "Just had dinner with my soon-to-be mommy." I replied giggling.

"Ohh, cool! Hey, can I call you?" he messaged again.

Call me?! I look at the time. There's still time before my bedtime. Why does he want to call me though? He doesn't usually call...

"Now?" I messaged. "Yes." he replied.

Wow, he wants to call me? I'm nervous. Should I say yes? Why am I nervous? Wait.. Why am I making such a big deal out of this?

He's just going to call. Pull yourself together, Ameliah!

"Sure." I messaged. My phone rang right away and I answered it. "Hello." a voice greeted.

"Hi." I greeted back trying to sound cool and calm and totally not melting by just hearing the sound of his voice. "I hope I didn't disturb you." Marcus says with a tone that I find sweet to hear.

I bit my lip and sat on my bed. I'm just making sure if this was really happening. Oh, and also making sure that I won't faint.

"Oh don't worry about it. I was just getting ready for bed. Why did you call?" I asked. "I just wanted to chat with you for a bit. Can we?"


Oh. My.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I blushed. He says he wants to chat with me! Through the phone! I covered my mouth and squeeled for a bit.

Should I? Or should I not? Nah, it wouldn't hurt if we just have a little talk.

"Sure, why not." I responded.

We talked about how was our day and all. We both shared more stuff about ourselves. We went to different kinds of topics and couldn't stop talking.

"Hey, It's already past my bedtime. Do you think we should call it a day?" I asked shyly. I actually don't want to stop talking with him.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't notice the time. Yes, we should." "It's alright. It was nice chatting with you." I said smiling.

"Thank you for the time. You can hang up first. Goodbye!" he says. "Goodbye." I said and waited for a bit. I really dont want to hang it up.

"I- uhh.. Goodnight, Ameliah." he says. I went silent for a second.

I hugged a pillow and said the words, "Goodnight, Marcus." I responded and quickly hang up.

I buried myself with pillows, completely flushed with what just happened. We actually said goodnight to each other! This is too good to be true!

I turned off the lights and went to bed. I stare at the ceiling for a very long time. I don't think I could be able to sleep tonight.

I'm so overwhelmed right now.

I can't believe he called me.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this one :> Sorry that it took me a week to post the episode :v Check out the other episodes if you haven't yet! <3

Have a great day! -𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓮𝓼 🌼

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