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"He's a childhood friend of mine! I don't think he would do such a thing. I know him."

<R I V A L S- Episode 3- "Stalker">

(another short episode, hope you like it :>)

R I V A L S- Episode 3


"Thanks for the treat, Marcus!" I said as I finish my meal. "No problem. Let me get that for you." he says as he grabs my plate and his to put them away.

"What a gentleman." I smiled. He comes back with two glasses of pineapple juice. "Here." he hands a glass. "Mmm, my favorite! Thanks!" I said as I sipped from my glass.

"Oh! It's your favorite? I have no idea you like pineapple." he says as he takes a sip from his glass. I glared at him, "Peach told you, didn't she?".

"No, it was Minthe." he said trying to act calm but I could see how nervous he is. Why am I not surprised. Those two have been obviously busy sharing personal information to Marcus. I feel so embarrassed.

"Ugh, listen. Don't believe anything that Peach and Minthe shared to you about me. Not all are true." I said embarrassed of what those two might have shared to him.

"They just told me what you like. Besides, I asked them." he says fidgeting with his glass. "You asked.. them? Why?" I blushed, shocked by what he said.

"I just wanted to know what things you like since we're friends now." he smiled sheepishly. "Ah, of course." I said trying to hold back my smile. "Anyways, what will you be doing for Science and Math Month?" Marcus asked.

"I don't know, it's still a month away. I'll probably just look at some exhibits or could also end up the one being in charge of one of the exhibits." I said as I finished my drink.

"Yeah... As expected for you." he laughed. "Hey, I'm not the only model student here. You could also end up being in charge of the exhibits." I opposed. "Haha, I guess so. I just keep forgetting that I'm also one of the model students." he sighs.

We went silent after what he just said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to steal the spotlight. I just really needed the scholarship." I said looking down, feeling guilty.

"Don't worry about it. At least I get to not worry about staying on top anymore. It was a lot of pressure. Being on the spotlight suits you." he smiled warmly and I couldn't help but blush once again.

"If you put it that way." I laughed, completely flattered.

His smile suddenly turns into a frown. I was concerned. He seems to be looking at something behind me.

"Is something wrong?" I said turning around to see if there's anything odd going on behind me. "Do you see Kyle?" Marcus whispered.

"Kyle? Wait, he's here? Where?" I search through the window panes to see what he's talking about. "Shh, He's behind the bushes." he whispered once again.

I looked at the bushes near the cafeteria. Then, I caught two eyes looking at me and quickly turning away. It was Kyle.

"What is he doing in those bushes?" I turned back to Marcus, ignoring what I just saw. "I think you got yourself a stalker, Amy." he said with a stern face.

Kyle? A stalker? WhAAaat?

Kyle is my childhood friend. Ever since I moved to a different neighbourhood, we haven't been talking since then. We've only seen each other at school but we never talk to each other anymore.

"I don't think Kyle would do such a thing as stalking. That's ridiculous! I know him." "Yeah, when you guys were little. He changed a lot through the years, you know." Marcus eyeing the surroundings.

"Maybe he was just looking at me for awhile. That's not really weird." I denied his suspicions. "Let's just get out of here. Lunch break is almost over." Marcus stands up as I do too.

"I have to use the restroom. You go ahead." I said as I went to the nearest restroom. After using the toilet, I fixed my hair and washed my hands. I used a bit of liptint on my lips so I wouldn't appear pale for the rest of the afternoon.

I took a last check on myself on the mirror and happily hopped out of the restroom. As I went out, I suddenly bumped onto someone. "Oww.."

"Kyle?!" I gasped.

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were hanging around that bush near the cafeteria." I said stepping away from him. "You saw me?"

"How am I supposed to know if I didn't already see you?" I said sarcastically. I walked away from him and rushed back to my classroom.

Marcus was right.

I have a stalker.

Thank you for reading! Im sorry if the episode is a bit short 😅 (again) I hoped you liked this one Check out the first two episodes if you haven't yet! QWQ

Oh! And by the way, I just noticed that we've hit 100 followers already! Thank you for following me and reading my stories <3 This means a lot to me <3

That would be all! Have a nice day <3 -𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓮𝓼 🌼

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