R I V A L S - Episode 1

R I V A L S - Episode 1

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"New seating arrangement? I wonder who I'll be sitting with..."

<RIVALS- Episode 1- "Seats">

(warning: very long episode)

*Check out the prologue of the series if you haven't yet! *

R I V A L S - Episode 1


WARNING: There's like 50 slides up ahead :D But I promise you, it's worth reading every single one of them ;D Enjoy!

"Top One once again, Ameliah! Congrats!" Minthe pulls me for a hug. "Great job, Amy!" Peach congratulates me. "Thanks." I said smiling widely.

I look at the honor list once again. Still on top!

I'm now in my first year in highschool. Ever since the first day, everyone have been struggling to keep their grades up. Things in highschool were sure different back when we were in gradeschool.

After I graduated as Valedictorian in gradeschool, I have been awarded with a free scholarship to this school! We don't have much so this really helps.

My dad didn't have to pay much for me anymore. I've been trying to help my dad by earning some money through tutoring. I also earn a bit of money from doing art requests.

While my friends are gushing about their grades from the exam results , I turned to my right seeing Marcus staring at the honor list blankly.

He suddenly turned his head to me. I quickly looked down. He caught me.

I looked up a bit to see if he's still looking at me. Yep! He still is looking. He definitely caught me.

I walked towards him and smiled, "Congratulations!".

It would be rude if I don't congratulate him. It would only seem like I take him as a rival, which I don't want him knowing that I actually do.

"Why are you congratulating me? You just beat me. Again." he said, not even smiling back.

I paused to think what to respond to that. "You are still one of the high honors. I think that's still worth congratulating for."

He turns around and walks away from me leaving me behind. I feel pathetic saying what I just said.

Of course, being on top meant a lot for him. But it's not like I purposely beat him in the first place. I'm doing my best and I will stay on top. I'll make sure of that.

I try to go after him but before I could, my bestfriends pulled me. "Were you talking with Marcus just right now?!" Peach gasps.

"Relax. I just congratulated him." I said removing her grip from my arm. "Omg! You're making moves now?! EEeeek!" Minthe squeeled like a chipmunk.

"I AM NOT making moves!" I blushed. Ugh, why do I have a crush on my own rival! This isn't helping me!

"Can we not talk about Marcus? Someone might hear us.." I whispered.

"Fine! However, sooner or later, you gotta confess to Marcus or we'll tell how you really feel to him instead!" Minthe giggled.

The bell rang and we all prepared for our first class. Our homeroom teacher comes in and we all stood up to greet her. "Goodmorning. Everyone sit." she says and we all obeyed.

"I am assuming all of you saw the honor list. Congratulations to those who made it to the list and to those who did not, you got three more quarters." she says with a smile.

"Alright, since it's the second semester already... We will be changing the seat arrangement." Everyone starts buzzing stuff to each other as to who they want to sit with.

"Please be quiet. I won't be letting you choose where to sit, so don't get too excited." she turns to her table and picks up a small box.

"This box contains rolls of papers that has numbers on them. You will pick one and the number you get will be your seat number. Therefore, your seat number is where you sit."

"I swear if I get to sit beside my crush, it's destined!" I hear someone say. "But I already like where I am!" another one commented.

We all went outside of the classroom with our bags. We formed a line and took turns to go in the classroom and pick a number.

When it was my turn, I went in and saw a few of my classmates already on their seats. A few were happy with where they are and a few weren't. I walked towards my teacher and started picking a roll in her box.

"Congratulations by the way, Ameliah. Top One once again." the teacher smiled at me as I picked one roll of paper from the box. "Thank you, Ma'am." I smiled as I unroll the paper.

"Seat number two..." I look around to find the seat with number two on it.

It turns out my seat is infront on the second column. Well, that's a relief. At least I'm not going to be sitting at the back anymore.

I went to my seat and got settled. I'm actually pretty happy with where I am seated right now.

Another student come in after another. There were more students in the classroom now. There were only a few seats left. "Next." the teacher says.

Marcus comes in. I look at him as he makes his way to that small box. I hope he goes at the back. I mean his friends are all there anyways so it isn't that bad.

I hope my seatmate would be Peach! She hasn't come in yet to pick her number. There's a good chance she might end up sitting beside me.

Marcus eyes search the room for his seat number. I stared at him as he stare at the seat beside me. "Wait- no.." I look at the seat beside me as he makes his way to it.

I look at him and he looks at me. We were very silent as he settled down.

I looked around to see if maybe I could talk with the others so I could pretend I'm not in this awkward situation. However, the students around  me are pretty occupied chatting to each other.

"Ah shoot." I said in my mind. I turned back to look at him as he keeps his head down. I sighed. Well, here goes nothing.

"Hi." I said. He looks up to me with a surprise look on his face, "Hi?".

"Looks like we're seatmates, huh?" I tried to laugh a little but it just sounds like it's fake. "Yeah." he says and lowers his head again.

Once again, there was silence between us. I don't know how to feel about this. I don't know if I should be happy or be disappointed because I'm sitting next to my crush slash rival.

I feel so stupid.

"I'm sorry about earlier." Marcus spoke. I was surprised. He's sorry?

"Oh! You don't have to say sorry. I should be sorry. I didn't mean to say it like that. I was just really congratulating you."

Well that was an incredibly long response. Nice going, Ameliah.

"Can we be friends?" Marcus looked up to me. Our eyes meet as he waits for my response. "Of course! Aren't we already?" I tried to act cool. "I just want to make sure. Since we talk a lot in chat but never in personal." he shrugs.

"Ah, I see. Well, I'm officially your friend and you're officially mine." I smiled. He looks at me a bit confused then I realized what I had just said.

"MY FRIEND! Officially my friend!" I quickly added, totally flushed. He laughs at me as I laughed it off too.

Hey, maybe it's not too bad to be sitting next to your rival.

Well, especially since he's also your crush...

Note: Wow you actually made it through all of those slides '-' Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this one...

Have a good day! -𝓭𝓪𝓲𝓼𝓲𝓮𝓼 🌼

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