Five Hundred Ninety-Nine Steps

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"Why were there only five hundred ninety-nine steps? Couldn't they just add one to make it six hundred?"

<Five Hundred Ninety-nine Steps>

(I'm very sorry it took me so long to make another story 😥 Have been very busy taking care of myself lately... Hope you enjoy this one!)

Five Hundred Ninety-Nine Steps

"597... 598...and.." We climbed up the last step. "599!"

We both sank unto the ground breathlessly. We just climbed up to 599 steps! How crazy is that!

I sat up and looked at her flushed face. I can't believe I'm spending a whole day with this  girl.

"I didn't think we would be able to make it! Man, I thought you said this place has the best views! All I saw when we were climbing were just a bunch of trees." she complained.

"We haven't even arrived at the spot yet. I told you  that we would have to suffer for it." I said laughing at her.

"Don't tell me there's more!" she said sitting up and fixing herself. "Don't worry. We'll be walking now. No more stairs to climb." I stood up and reached out a hand to help her.

"I don't think I could feel my legs anymore." she said taking my hand and struggling to get up. I blushed as I held her hand. What I did next was unthinkable.

"I got you." I placed a hand on her waist to help keep her steady. I grabbed her arm to hang it around my shoulders.

"Just hold on." I looked down and blushed.

We started walking. It was quiet for awhile until she spoke. "Are we there yet?" she asked looking at me. I couldn't turn to look at her. I was afraid our faces would be too near.

"Not yet. Are you okay?" "Better than okay." I glanced at her a bit and saw her smiling warmly.

While we were walking, we chatted about how we were doing in life so far. We were cracking up some jokes, laughing, and just talking about the most random stuff.

Even though we were best friends, this is the first time I have ever spent time with her. Alone.

"Wait hold on, look down." I said removing my hand off her waist as she removes her arm off my shoulders. She looks down to the ground as I go behind her.

I held her arms gently and whispered to her ear, "Start walking." She started walking forward and I held her to guide her.

"Okay, stop." She obeyed. "Can I look up now?" I let go of her, "Yes."

She looks up and sees the most wonderful view of the mountains before us. She covers her mouth in shock and leans to the railings. We both admire the beautiful scenery of the lush green forests.

Being high above these mountains creates such a relaxing atmosphere. We could feel the breezy wind and we could breathe in the fresh air.

It felt good to be here, especially with her. We could feel life all around us.

"Wow, you were right. This is worth it." she said still admiring what's infront of her. "I was, wasn't I?" I smirked and she gave me a little punch.

"We've been best friends for like how many years yet this is the first time we actually got to hang out together. Alone." she said smiling as I blushed.

"I- Look.. It was hard convincing your girl friends to let me hang out with you for once." I said looking away. I'm so flustered.

She laughed and punched me in the arm again. I looked at her again. She's just perfect. She's beautiful inside and out. Ever since we've become friends, she's nothing but a sweetheart.

"Hey, ever wondered why there were only 599 steps back there? They could have just added one to make it 600." she wondered.

"Actually there are 600 steps." I said smiling. "What? No, there were only 599." she said turning to me.

"No, there's 600. The last step is right here." I said turning to face her. "Where?" she looked around to see.

"Here." I took her hand and went down on my knees. I pulled out a ring and took a deep breath.

"Would you want to take this last step with me as best friends and start walking as partners hand in hand to what possibly be a beautiful future awaiting for us ahead?"

"It would be an honor to enjoy life with you." I said wholeheartedly causing her to tear.

"Yes." she nodded "It's a.. yes?" I said making sure this isn't a dream. "Yes, silly! YES!" she said tearing up.

I can't believe it. She said Yes. I stood up and hugged her tightly as she hugged me back.

I placed the ring on her finger and she looked at it in pure joy. "To be honest, I was waiting for you to confess." she laughed, still tearing up.

I get teary as I meet her eyes. I held her beautiful face and wiped her tears of joy. She grabbed my arms and pulled me for a kiss.

There were 600 steps to happiness and we finally took the last one.

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