Why I loved him ?
Why I loved him ? 

dairynrodriguezCommunity member
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Why I loved him ?

Just as any day of the week, everything was going normal as usual. It was 3:40 when we was together in the cold and he looked at me with sad eyes

I looked at him back with crying eyes, and all I wanted was for him to hold me down

He said,“I love you” and I said it back ! We talked for hours about our future and how we wanted things to go

It was 5:30 when the bus came and I had to leave. I got home and opened my texts and there she was, his ex.

She said,“ he want us to get back together” I closed my phone and cried

What? You thought this was gonna be a happy ending, well even if I can change the whole story I would only be lying to myself and btw they got back together

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