Who knew I loved you?
Who knew I loved you? love stories

dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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Raw feelings, again. One's pride can blind you from seeing love firsthand, especially when you don't accept it yourself.

Who knew I loved you?

by dahreejayne

I accepted your love without much thought, and at first, it was all fuzzy and warm which I enjoyed.

Eventually, I started to doubt the quick decision I made as things began to change up to the point where it reached uncomfort.

It felt wrong, and incomplete. I couldn't feel the warmth I used to experience.

I kept blaming you for your shortcomings--failing to show me that you love me more and all those unnecessary acts I wanted you to do.

But even when you did them, I felt nothing. Was I wrong? Am I the one with shortcomings?

At that point I realized, I've been looking at myself too much. I wasn't able to appreciate all of the things you did for me, no matter how small.

So, I started viewing our relationship differently where it focused on both of us--not just me.

I learned to notice and value you for yourself and every little thing you did. Like, cooking for me, and walking me home.

From that point on, I kept thinking about you more until I missed you every time we would part ways.

I understood how you felt when I suddenly said that I needed to leave because of things to do. Though that was because of the uncomfort and selfishness I had.

I wamted to see you so badly each time you weren't by my side and I'd be the happiest when you were with me.

I treasured the walks we had as you accompanied me home, and the sweet words of encouragement you always said when I was feeling down.

Thank you for being who you are and for being patient with me. If you hadn't waited and endured, I wouldn't have discovered these hidden feelings.

Really, I didn't know that I loved you. So. Damn. Much.

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