What if I told you I loved you?

dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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Hear out the strained voice of a regretful heart.

What if I told you I loved you?

by dahreejayne

The world never runs out of what ifs and maybes, Which includes how I see you and me. I always seem to be uncertain and the least prepared when situations require me to be.

I have decisions gladly made yet regrets have not disappeared. I know I have to accept reality but I can't seem to let them leave my heart so easily.

I said no when I was not even sure And said yes when I thought it was the only choice I had left.

It took me years to realize this mistake I've made. I should've went for it when I could've.

I could've given chances...but I didn't. What makes everything even more unacceptable is how I always wonder what I could've given you.

"What if I told you I loved you?" I constantly repeat in my head. "What if I told you...I didn't mean what I said back then?"

All these unending questions continue to haunt me to the point where I wished I could go back in time.

But I know...

It's all too late. Though a part of me can't help but imagine myself saying this to you:


Did you know...

...I loved you?

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