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dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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You lose yourself? Look up and you'll find your way back.

Lost in the Light

by dahreejayne

I always found myself in the dark

Alone and wandering with only silence to tell

Yet I never understood why at that moment

I could see people around me

How was I able to see when I knew I was in the shadows?

How were they able to notice me passing by

when I, myself, could not hear my footsteps?

Then it struck me.

Being in the dark was all in my head.

I chose to believe I saw nothing when my eyes said otherwise.

Suddenly, these people approached me.

"You finally looked up."

All this time...

...my eyes were directed at the ground.

They were always closed

just like my soul which received comfort from the dark.

My feet aimlessly walked because I chose to.

My eyes continued to be asleep because I chose to.

And I believed it was dark because I chose to.

I was never alone nor trapped in the darkness.

I was simply lost in the light.

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phantomhive0227Bronze CommaThe sun has come again to hold you
2 months agoReply
This is wonderful,and beautiful! Keep up the amazing work~

dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
3 months agoReply
@michaelschulze Very true. Some people fail to accept what's around them but they have to wake up somehow. I'm glad you liked it 😊

3 months agoReply
We all go through a self imposed exile where we attempt to shut out the hurt and pain of the world but at the same time we shut out all the beauty that surrounds us you can't have one without the other striking a balance between the two is just another of life's hurdles if only one person who reads your story opens thair eyes you have done well Another great peice loved it