Christmas Gift
Christmas Gift confession stories
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dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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I still remember what you gave me that time. Confusion? Most likely.

P.S. I'd be embarrassed if you read this someday.

Christmas Gift

You liked me but I denied it You liked me but I ignored it Did I like you? That, I'm not so sure.

T'was Christmas season with parties being held and gifts given. And there you were waiting for my arrival so I would listen. Listen to what your heart has always wanted to let me hear.

I showed up, and you gave me a pillow as a gift. Appreciated it...but was not expecting any more than that. You spoke and I hid behind the pillow.

You began stuttering out words which were meant to convey your feelings but I was barely listening. I was too embarrassed to even hear such things from someone.

It was a confession, yes. Though, after that I couldn't think straight. Should I accept you?

And that leads us to the present. Still together after 2 years? I thought I wouldn't even last a week! ...

Jokes aside... You were beyond courageous. Thanks for telling me how you felt. Was that your real Christmas gift?

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