Throwing Darts
Throwing Darts holiday stories

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Marvin and Vanessa are using a tried and tested method of choosing where to go on holiday. But they're about to get a lot more than either of them bargained for...

Throwing Darts

by dadwriter101

Marvin and Vanessa stood in front of the huge world map that occupied almost an entire wall of their spacious living room.

They needed a holiday, badly. But Marvin being Marvin, and Vanessa being Vanessa, they just couldn't decide where to go.

There was only one thing for it. They'd have to throw a dart at the map, and go wherever it landed.

Thunk! "Looks as though we're going to Malaysia", said Marvin, squinting at where the dart had landed.

Vanessa squealed with delight and ran upstairs to get packed. Marvin turned on the news. Was Malaysia very terrorist-y? He'd soon find out.

"And lastly, all flights in and out of Malaysia have been suspended, as we're getting reports of some sort of missile having landed there. Early indications suggest it resembles a giant dart..."

Marvin looked down at the other two darts in his hand, then turned back to the map.

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