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In which Jeongguk wouldn't smile and Taehyung only wants him to.

[Inpired by the comic "Smile For Me" by TiffanyDraws]

//taekook fluff

Smile For Me

There's always been this guy who Taehyung doesn't understand. This particular guy is named, Jeon Jeongguk.

The first time Taehyung met him was the day he tranferred to his school.

Taehyung didn't really expected that much from his school but he was way beyond excited to see what his classmates are like.

But the moment Taehyung was told to sit next to Jeongguk, his excitement vanished and was replaced with curiosity.

He tapped his seatmate, Jimin, and asked, "Who is he?"

"Oh he's Jeon Jeongguk. Wouldn't wanna mess with him if you ask me. Many had said he's pretty fucked up."

But even though Jimin warned Taehyung, he couldn't help but wander if the rumors were really true. One reason for that is that, Jeongguk never seem to smile and his eyes looks sad.

So he ignored Jimin's warning and was determined to see Jeongguk's smile.

He tried different things each day, at first it was small. He'd talk to him and tell him jokes but after a few days of being ignored Taehyung changed his tactic.

Each day, he'd bring the things that made him smile. These things varies from a portrait of the younger to cupcakes. Taehyung hopes it'd make him smile but nothing ever works.

The day Taehyung saw the cupcakes he baked in the trash was the day he decided to give up trying to help him.

'Maybe I was the reason he never seem to smile?' He thought.

More thoughts continued to enter his head that he didn't see the rock on the pavement because of how much it was distracting him.

He falls face first to the ground. Tears started to brim his eyes and he couldn't stopped it from flowing.

"A-are you okay?" Someone asked. He looks up only to see that the smooth and gentle voice came from Jeongguk.

And although it wasn't his intention, Taehyung couldn't help but cry more at the sight of the younger.

"W-wait... Shh, please stop crying... I-" Jeongguk started to panic as more people started to look.

Jeongguk inhaled deeply and grabbed the older's cheeks to make him look up at him.

'I can't believe I'm doing this...' Were Jeongguk's last thought before the corners of his lips turned upwards. He flashed his bunny tooth smile and showcased it off to Taehyung.

Taehyung stopped crying and let out a small giggle, "You're prettier when you smile."

"I- uh..." Jeongguk stumbled. He smiled once again but this time Taehyung could see that it wasn't forced when he realizes that it had reached his eyes.

"Thank you."

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