Shaman 2 Bad Luck Princess

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The Shaman comes to visit Dani one night...promising to change her fate forever

Shaman 2 Bad Luck Princess

Can't bear it... She digs out of the tent one night. She can't go anywhere...not really. The desert hag will kill her. She doesn't know how to survive like the others.

She doesn't understand the way of the desert, but for one glorious moment. She's free. Really free. Sucking in a breath of fresh air. She almost feels....happy.

Then, it's there. A monster. Heart racing, she slams into the thick canvas of the tent. Its eyes are rimmed red, skin dark as turquoise and wrinkled, broken.

She has heard about those black robes and the coming of the Shaman.

A scrawny grey hawk shakes itself on his shoulder, puffing out its feathers, and examine Dani with angry eyes. A shadow of a long-legged limb dog hangs at his hip, hackles up. Dani shivers.

The Shaman moves like a ghost toward her. Silent...strangely graceful. Shrinking from him, she doesn't run. Can't run....

Fear rolls over her like a desert sand storm, blanketing her over and over again. t's like he is controls her limbs. Raising a hand he commands her silently to stand and she does...

Grabbing her face, he removes the coin mask on it. She shudders, feeling naked without it. His eyes are a lighter color. For a moment, she sees his green face is a mask...

and she gets a glimpse of his humanity. He might be a might still be okay. A primal force emanates between them, tangible, like a mirage of the desert heat.

"Fate has heard your plea." He speaks in a deep, shattered voice.

What did that mean, she wonders, but she has to listen, crawling back into the tent.

Will he change her fate here? Will she no longer be a slave, a real desert woman? She didn't know if she wanted to live a life with these people. Not after their cruelty...

The whippings and staring and bad luck talk, but the Shaman. Could she bear living with that monster? Did she have a choice?

She wants something more, more than tent walls, limited to camp, and these people. She longs for an intangible freedom, throbbing in her veins....

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