First Kiss Female Shepard & Liara
First Kiss

Female Shepard
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cyberpunk2183what's this for...poke...
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My first thingie:

One shot start to my fan fiction (Never done this before): prequel to a larger set of work focusing on the pair.

Let me know what you think...I'll post more things if you like...

First Kiss Female Shepard & Liara

Tool. Every moment of my life, I was a tool, before I saved the life of one Asari.

In that moment, I taste freedom. When I face her, I see those innocent eyes as she shyly talks to me and I realize there's no underlying motive.

She doesn’t know who I am. What I've been through. All there is, is Therum between us. Honestly, I like that. I like it a lot.

“I’m Commander Shepard,” I say, lifting an eyebrow. I have on my a customary smirk when I offer my hand. She looks at it confused, before taking it.

A shy twitch of a smile on those lips...

I squeeze the hand gently, and she squeezes mine back. Adaptable. She holds on too long or, actually, I do...

I drop her hand, savoring the feel of soft scales on it, before pulling at my uniform nervously.

You don’t play nervous, Shep. You’re a spectre now.

“Doctor Liara T’Soni.” Her voice is soft, gentle, and unsure. I've never heard a voice like that before. So vulnerable, raw...real.

To say the least, I don’t trust humans that much from my background on earth.

“Shepard, you’re here…a lot.” She looks amused. “I know we’ve talked about every nook of Asari culture, but what are you really doing here in my office?”

“Um…” I blush. Man, she's the first person who has caught me off guard in ages. Usually, it’s me. She smiles with more confidence than I’ve seen in awhile. “Your people…you, Liara, intrigue me."

“The big shot spectre is intrigued by me…a no name archeologist."

I don’t know if I believe you, Commander Shepard,” she says, ...crossing her arms with that same amused smile that I’ve come to like very much.

“Hardly a no name,” I tell her. “Don’t pretend like you’re no one. I know you’re not…for a fact.”

“Is that why you like me?” She looks at me shyly and for the second time I’m speechless. My jaw drops open and I realize in that moment I can’t hide it anymore.

She waits for me, challenging me to be more real than I’ve ever been.

“No, I like you because…” I bite my lip. It’s not like I have a lot of experience expressing my feelings.

It’s not really a top requisite for Alliance officers, let alone... female officers.

“So you do like me. You like me why, Shepard?” She asks innocently. She takes my hand and I stare at it. Her thumb strokes my palm gently...encouraging.

“You’re the first real Asari I’ve ever known. Maybe the first person I’ve ever really trusted,” I admit. I rake my hand through my short hair.

She pulls me closer dares to touch my cheek. No one touches me like that. I lean into it and look at her, tilting my head.

My knees feel weak. Leaning in, she kisses me...

I can’t help but kiss her back, embracing her slowly and feel as if my chest is one big firework going off.

The old fear is there, distracting me. It’s too nice to shatter the surreal-ness of this moment. I can handle this, especially if she doesn’t touch me too much.

This is okay. It’s okay. I step away from her and it feels safe and real and wonderful. She opens those sea blue eyes and smiles—confidently, boldly…but best of all happily.

I want to see that smile a thousand times more.

“I’d like to know more,” she says honestly. “I want to know more about my Commander, this woman before me. If you feel comfortable with that."

"I won’t push you, but…” I can’t stop blushing and grab my cheeks. “I’ve embarrassed you. What I’m saying is…” she says.

“It’s okay. I’m just…I’m inexperienced in this kind of relationship,” I whisper, not meeting her eyes.

“But not others?” She asks. I shake my head and blush again.

“I was a kid,” I say and she lifts her hand to make me stop. I can’t tell her. Not yet... I bite my lip.

“Asari are quite….loose by human standards." "I will bear no jealousy toward you, especially this early in our relationship. We’ve merely stolen a kiss, Shepard."

“Stolen?” I ask and lick my lips tentatively. “Can I steal another one?”

This time, I lean in so we don’t have to touch again. So, I don’t have those messed up feelings with the good, real ones in the here and now.

But most of all, I got the girl.

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