Dear Future Wife...
Dear Future Wife...  stories

cutie112Community member
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Light hearted letter to the author's future wife, with questions about there parenting abilities.

Dear Future Wife...

I wonder sometimes, what kind of dad I'll be...

, the two of us, how much could we really suck at being parents, will we get the hang of it?

Before the poor kid turns 18, or cracks and runs away to escape! Will we be the ones who crack, give up and run away, leaving a note for our parents

before taking new names and a one way trip for two like the wimps we quite possibly are?

Would I die leaving you alone to raise our blessing? Would you walk out on me for some or other reason?

What if I get and I end up handicapped, unable to work, would we cope?

Would I die or break something important as a result of trying to keep up with the sex addict who can't get enough of me you become?

Would I be able to provide for us the way I want, or need to?  I may not have all the answers, but I do believe that together, with God's help, we could do anything...

Hurry up and bless me with your presence already!! Cutie112

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