Fates Letter
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In a green field sat an old wooden house. The woman stepped out of the car and into the field.

Fates Letter

In a green field sat an old wooden house.

The woman stepped out of the car and into the field.

The sun was shining brightly, causing her to bring a hand up to shield her eyes.

Even though the house was falling apart, she smiled at the sight of her childhood home.

Slowly, she made her way to the house.

The clouds seemed to roll in with her.

Fate greeted her at the door.

He said hello and handed her the letter.

She took it with calm grace.

He smiled sadly at her, and wished her the best.

She thanked him, and smiled back.

He walked away from the house, when she turned he was already gone.

Taking a final glance at the front door hanging on its hinges, she turned and walked into the field.

It was a trek to the old giant of an oak tree.

Her bones ached and she was out of breath.

She looked up through the leaves, remembering the times she spent under its shade.

Her breath grew short and she laid down in the grass.

The clouds were dark above her now.

Her eyes grew heavy, and she didn’t protest.

She’s lived a full life, it's time for her to rest.

Thunder sounded overhead as her eyes shut.

It boomed once more as the lightning struck.

The flames engulfed the tree, spreading quickly into the tall grass.

It spread through the field and overtook the house.

Thunder sounded again, and the clouds filled with sorrow cried.

The flames died under pouring rain, leaving ashes in its wake.

Howling winds came sweeping the storm away, taking the ashes with it.

Fate glanced back at the now barren field.

He disliked these letters, but they must be delivered.

The storms always carry people away after they’ve gone.

The letters, that always bring with them Deaths Storm.

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