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My path of learning multiple languages and where it led me. Can you relate? Do you have questions?


I love languages. My native language is German and I started learning English in 3rd grade.

Nope, that is not because I wanted that so badly, it is because they make students study English starting in 3rd grade, that is why. In the beginning I hated it.

I couldn't understand why I should lean a foreign language, I mean back then I wasn't really planning on leaving Germany - ever.

It was torture for me, I hated the classes and tried to avoid speaking English at all costs.

But then when I got older and received my phone, I somehow started watching lots of YouTube videos in English,

I got used to the tone and grammar and eventually became interested in America what made me develop the wish to go there someday.

In seventh grade however, I had topics a second foreign language to study, because that is what they make you do in Germany.

This time I was the other way around, I was extremely excited to learn another foreign language but ... after time passed started to dislike Spanish - the language I chose - more and more.

Now speak it well enough to be able to understand general conversations, but I would not be able to live in Spain without communication problems at some point.

I continued to improve my English and eventually went to the U.S. as a foreign exchange student, that where I am right now - I will go back to Germany in a month though -.

Before I came here, I started to become interested in South Korea and decided to learn the language on my own, alongside with a little Chinese.

I am focussing more on my Korean, therefore it is improving faster in my opinion.

Today I signed up for subtitling Korean and Chinese Dramas to German and English and I am extremely excited about that!

I am so happy how the ability of speaking multiple languages opens new paths for me and I cannot was for what the future holds.

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