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Do you want to know what happened to me today? If my first challenge that day was just a coincidence or a bad sign is for you to decide ...

Powder Puff

It was the last practice before the game, we were all concentrating and ready to fight ... except we were not.

The coaches had changed the location 15 minutes before practice, that was the first challenge I faced today ... although ...

Now that I think about it, maybe what had happened to me this morning had been a sign as to what I had to expect of the day that laid ahead of me.

I woke up and was probably still have asleep, but to be honest am not so sure as to where my head was because when I swung my legt of my bed and set it on the floor it wouldn't carry me.

I fell like a sack filled with stones and smacked my thigh on the edge of my bed - That would become a nice purple bruise...

Not really knowing what was going on had I put my hands on my bed to push me back up, but no matter what I did, my legs would not carry me.

Now my mind started to become clearer and I realized that, in case my legs would continue to act against my will, I would not be able to play tonight!

That thought scared me since I really, really, really wanted to participate.

I tried and tried again and after 2 minutes, finally, my legs started to lose their numbness and I was able to get up and get ready for morning practice.

Back to the afternoon practice.

We arrived at a public park area right behind the speedway gas station. It had rained a lot during the day, so the ground was all muddy - but we started running routes anyways.

I got matched up with Maddie, another 6 foot tall girl - I am 6,2 foot - but she is still the girl that is closest to my height so the coaches like to match us up since , obviously,

it is fairer towards the rest of the team.

But anyways, we are both very competitive so when the Quarterback threw the ball far into the field, we both started running, Maddie was a bit faster than me,

which was fine since I was supposed to block the ball for reaching her.

We ran further out than anyone else and that was necessary since the Quarterback had thrown the ball really hard, but neither one of us caught it.

No, what happened instead was that Maddie stepped into a huge bus puddle that splashed up her legs and - almost- made her fall,

Too bad that I had realized to late that I was running to the exact same place, as fast as I was running, there was no way that I would be able to stop in time, so I ran right into the puddle,

slipped and fell right in.

I was covered in mud, my hands, my shoes, my jacket, everything.

I decide, that I now had proven to everyone that I was serious about the game,

therefore I could now call my host brother and tell him to pick me up so that I could get changed and wash up to get ready -again- for the upcoming game tonight.

I am ready! Now nothing worse than what already happened can happen to me again!

Bring it on!

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