Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader ] [Part 3 ]
Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader ] [Part 3 ] roosterteeth stories
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Part 3 of Villain!Daniel and Hero!Reader!
Band practice is in full swing and something is making you


Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader ] [Part 3 ]

Walking inside, you notice that everyone is already at their chair and already practicing. The conductor- a middle aged man with spectacles and bright eyes- turns to you as you shut the door.

"Ah! You decided to make it- this is the fourth time." He states, a light smile on his lips as you give a sheepish grin and rub the back of your neck. "I know, Doctor Schmidt, I'm sorry."

The dark haired male motions you off to your instrument. The Piano.

Setting your things aside, you rummage through your bag for your sheet music, lost in thought.

Thinking on how you were going to go about finding this new enemy of yours-

you find yourself space out- only to be grabbed back and forced into reality by a voice that you had come to know all too well in the past few weeks.

"Finally decided to show up?" The blue eyed male asks, sitting on the edge of the stage your piano was on with his fiddle in his hand.

You sigh and roll your eyes, looking over at him as he grins at you from his spot. "I was busy with work, give me a break."

With fingers on the keys, you begin to practice, trying to ignore the nuisance behind you. But, like usual, he never lets up.

"That's always your excuse, [Y/N].They really do like keeping you past your hours, huh?"

The blonde asks, placing his fiddle under his chin and drawing his bow across it in tune to what you are playing.

A hum escapes you as you continue to plunk out the rather somber tune you had been working on for the past few weeks. It was almost your turn to present it to the conductor as well.

Next Friday would be when you had to play it for the rest of your band mates. Of course, yours was a bit more complicated, as you decided that you wanted lyrics in your song.

It just needed a few polishing adjustments.

And yet the male behind you kept up rather well- seeming to find the rhythm rather fast.

If not for the fact you two shared a very strong dislike for each other, you might have felt a bit of a connection with him over this.

Sadly, you wanted nothing more than to turn around and beat him with his own fiddle.

"You're a quick learner." You decide to try and give him some kind of compliment. He simply chuckles at it and stops playing.

"Or maybe you just have a very predictable style with the way you play." He points out, shamelessly.

Which make you clench your teeth in anger- only to completely soothe yourself again with a small prayer of willpower to Sariel. Which the angel seems to kindly give you.

Taking a deep breath, you simply smile to yourself. "At least the band will be able to catch onto my melody. I don't think anyone could keep up with your spastic excuse of a song." Humming the lyrics to yourself, you smirk, as if you had won.

"Is someone jealous?" The blue eyed devil asks, now on your stage, and watching your fingers strike out the tune.

"You know, I could always find some free time to teach you a more accurate and fun approach." He chuckles, making you slowly open your eyes and turn to look at him.

"Excuse me, I appreciate the offer, but I've spent a lot of time establishing my playing style. I really don't expect it to change anytime soon- unless, of course, I stumble across something particularly inspiring. Which I haven't yet."

Sending the male one of your smiles, you turn back and continue where you left off. "And Doctor Schmidt likes my playing style. He was quite impressed with it."

A giggle escapes you as you can practically feel the annoyance dripping off the male beside you. Opening one eye, you can see the sour look on his face.

He grits his teeth before placing his fiddle under his chin again and playing a rather dark undertone to your own song. "I could do your song and do it better." He insists.

"Oh, Daniel, you slay me. You're are too cute." Laughing, you lay off the keys and turn to face him fully, resting your elbow on the top of the piano and smirking at him.

"If only you weren't such a dick, I might even consider you someone I enjoyed being around." The sarcasm was saturating every word you spoke to the man as he continued to try and play your song.

It sounded so mad- like he didn't understand the purpose behind the song. Behind the sound. It was bittersweet- not madness.

"Shame, and here I thought you were actually starting to fall for me. Guess I just have to keep trying." His own sarcasm seemed to drip each letter in his sentences.

"Don't worry, dear, I won't hold it against you." The two of you stare each other in the eyes. Your [E/C] eyes digging into his icy blue ones. So much so that-

"Ugh..." Feeling a rather sharp headache, you put a hand to your forehead and groan.

Gritting your teeth, you try to ignore the ringing in your ears and the pressure in not only your head, but your chest. Like your energy had been zapped and now you were getting the side effects.

"Oh, am I that horrible to look at?" Daniel mocks, resting a fist on his hip as he smirks at you. Glowering up at him, you unclench your jaw a bit to speak.

"Guess it was just the horrific way you were playing. Gave me a migraine." You spit back.

Using the bow to his fiddle, he tilts your chin up to look at him with that damn smirk. "Aw come on, I was just getting lost in your eyes." He teases.

The moment your eyes lock again, the pain grows sharper and you grab his bow and snatch it from his grip. He stumbles forward, catching himself on your piano.

The moment he's busy trying to catch himself though, the pain seems to lift and instead of the headache and pressure- you feel like you just ran a mile without stopping.

A grunt escapes Daniel as he pushes himself off the piano and fixes his shirt. "You could have just moved you know. Give me my bow back."

His hand is held out in front of him as he beckons for you to hand it over. Reluctantly, you do, confused as to why you were feeling like this.

What was that? Sariel?

No answer. How very strange... Sariel always answered when you called for him. Maybe that's what the feeling was?

Daniel leaned against your piano with a raised eyebrow. "You alright? Jeez, I didn't think you'd get that mad at me." He crossed his legs at his ankles, closing his eyes as he plays again.

You supposed he had a point. It wasn't like you to get mad or do something like that. Ever since day one, when you decided he was to be your musical adversary, it was more verbal arguments.

Banter, if you will. So for you to simply lose your control briefly with him and do that-

"Sorry, Danny Boy." You grumble, rubbing your forehead with your palm.

"I really didn't mean to do that, I just got the worst headache, okay?" Sighing, you try to get rid your heart rate back as it was racing.

"You have the worst excuses, girlie." Daniel points out, dubious. Which made you purse your lips in annoyance. "I just happen to get very aggressive when I'm in pain." You defend yourself.

"Duly noted." He says with a sigh, playing his song now.

Seemed he was done with the conversation. Sighing, you pull yourself close to your piano again. Staring at the keys, it feels like you can't even concentrate.

There's a haze in your mind that is making it hard to focus on anything. Sariel wasn't answering you and you couldn't focus.

You weren't sure what was going on, but come hell or high water, you were going to find out. Closing your eyes, you try to focus again.

Find something to latch onto that will drag you from the haze.

"Hey- HEY!" Daniel says, snapping his fingers in front of you. Jolting slightly, you find yourself looking around until you're looking in Daniel's eyes. Something was..

different this time though. Did they get duller? "Late to class, spacing out- you really are just a disaster today." The male points out as he sighs.

This somehow makes you feel kind of embarrassed. Probably because of how true it rang.

"Alright, gang! Let's get together and practice!" Doctor Schmidt calls out, clapping his hands, making you jump slightly. "Oo, and add on jumpy."

Daniel chuckles, hopping off your little stage and heading to his chair. You sigh and rub your arm, looking to the black and white keys before you.

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