Purple, you piss me off.
Purple, you piss me off.  not angry today stories

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Purple, you are my anger.

Purple, you piss me off.

Dear Purple, Luscious velvety sheets: burn, mark, and stamp. Burn , mark, and stamp me. Your purple spit softly trickling, trickling down my cheek, down my hair, down my shirt.

Purple curtains gnawing, gnarling ... Gnarling at me.

Purple lava bubbling, splattering blipping. blopping.

Mocking me.

Singsong(ly) burping out flowery - words of hate.

Your smile : my enemy.

You snuck in to my room, at night. In the solace of charcoal shade, you stole my purple.

Once my favorite color.

Chop off my fingers. Rip out my hair. Split my tongue in two.

I do not care. Just do not . Do not do it. Do not smile at me.

Purple, you mock me.

Your welcoming, calming hue- a lie.

Purple, you are my anger.

Thankfully, I am not purple today.

Instead, I see red. The color of honesty.

Red, I do not fear you.

Today, I am red.

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