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At times I think, but I'm not an over-thinker.

My simple mind

My eyes are not defying me. Simple. The prompt clearly state's, simple. I scurry my mind about simplicity for a good 15 minutes or so- to no avail.

However, my self-obsessed nature saves the day (well, not really the day, but this post, I suppose). Indeed, my self-obsessed nature kicks in. And I wonder, Am I simple?

Is it a compliment? Is it a 'diss'? I am not sure, but I'm about to examine myself.

Uneventfully, my mind consists of: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At times I think, but I'm not an over-thinker. Sure, I get anxious, I even have stage-fright. But, once it's over, I simply forget.

At times, I hear horrendous stories including world news. Certainly, I'm quick to express emotion. Yet, one hour later my mind wipes it clean again.

Perhaps, it is my mind that's simple. Indeed, I do not care to match my socks (actually there have been few times they did). Or maybe it is my emotions that are too simple.

As illustrated above, I'm too quick to provide a personal story. Undeniably, I am an over-sharer. I'm too quick to cry, too quick to laugh, too quick to smile, too quick to give a hug.

Sometimes, I wonder if I should keep more of myself to myself. But then, I over-share my emotions again.

Speaking of emotions, my face seems to be stuck in a constant smile. When I'm sad, angry, happy, or anxious my face contorts in to a smile.

And this is how, I often end up hearing about random strangers' life stories.

Most of all, I am left wondering when the maturity bug will finally kick in. I am 23 years old, yet continue to speak without thinking, hug in abundance, and well imagine stories in my head.

Indeed, I am simple. Maybe, too simple.

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