My grandma and I are twinning
My grandma and I are twinning twin stories

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Congratulations it's a girl. She’s born with 10 toes, 10 fingers, 2 feet, and 2 arms.

My grandma and I are twinning

Congratulations it's a girl. She was born with 10 toes, 10 fingers, 2 feet, and 2 hands. Numerically, everything seemed to align.

Essentially, baby Christy was Miss normality personified . If you are above 18, and in for a drinking game, from this point forward take a shot every-time the word normal comes up.

To illustrate, she was born with a normal IQ, normal weight, and normal height. As a coping mechanism of sorts, this story will continue in third person perspective. But really, this is my birth I discussed above. Naturally, I will also address myself with my nickname (i.e. self-love and a smidge of insanity) .

Unfortunately, as baby Christy aged in to the school system, her athletic ability never seemed to age with her.

Often times after gym class , she would climb the school stairs and her knees consequently hurt.

Yet, it did not bug her. A little Advil here and there and she was 'good to go'. Fortunately, she was a Klutz. Hence, falling down stairs was (and still is) a hefty occurrence. And well, she often reached her destination 'stair' quicker thanks to momentum.

Despite the falls, teenage Christy still had 10 toes, 10 fingers, 2 feet and 2 arms . Relatedly, she simply ignored her knees until she enrolled in to university. As an adult, Christy's knees seemed to hurt more and more.

Eventually, Christy paid the man in a white coat a visit. A thorough examination revealed , "nothing out of the ordinary". He affirmed that he is confused as to why Christy's knees hurt, given her normal- weight. And well, the x-ray revealed normality also.

Maybe, Christy is an overgrown baby. Is the pain in her head? Maybe, everyone feels pain every-time they go up and down stairs.

With this in mind, she ignored her pain and kept moving. Indeed, she exercised against time.

She even bought an epileptic trainer, and refocused her energy on proving to herself that : She is not weak. She is normal.

Yet, the pain became unbearable after using the machine. Nonetheless, she insisted on walking. Walk and walk- she did, until her walk resembled a limp.

At some point, she visited a man in a white coat again . Overwhelmingly, within a minute he solved Christy's puzzle.

He bent both knees in an intimate manner. Christy's knees were essentially face to face, in a kissing position. And her legs were behind her somewhere. Just by looking at their placement the doctor noticed they were oddly shaped and placed (not normal).

He asked her mother (yes, my mama still goes to the doctor with me), if she wore an arch as a child (due to a hip problem). Sure enough, she did. Don’t go feeling sorry for this woman in this story. She found a "quick-fix", a DIY solution.

In star- patient mode, Christy systematically completed her daily leg lifts (with ankle weights). According to the doctor, building muscle in her thigh, helps push some bodily function back to the right side (or some mumbojumbo like that, science is really not my strong suit).

Yet, she noticed her lower body expanding, growing musclier. See, her legs were always her nicest feature-naturally thin and firm. Really, this tale is a tale of vanity .Really, she was scared. Really, her identity was wrapped around a pair of legs.

Unfortunately, vanity prevailed. The fear of looking “manly” and “larger” engulfed Christy. Indeed, she stopped exercising. And this the story of how a 23 year old's knees are twinning with her grandma. Now, I get to say my grandma is my "twin". And well, I do love my grandma. Also, I always wanted a twin. So I guess, it's a win in the end.

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