My face: A triquetra
My face: A triquetra discolored by nature stories

cuculater My not-so- secret pastime :)
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I am watching you . A heavy weight snoring on my lid . Clumps of dirt willfully painted on my face. Will my face(s) ever meet?

My face: A triquetra

I am watching YOU .

My eye itches .

A heavy weight snoring on my lid .

Clumps of dirt willfully painted on my face .

My *Mascarad* eye is looking. Mascarad- The act of wearing Mascara (eyelash make up), while scared or not wearing Mascara and being scared . Yet , I am still capable of seeing. Of seeing you. Do you see me too ?

Or do you see the mud on my face? For , I just looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself. For, I look snottier. My nose more stuck up .

My skin complexion disarrayed. The cosmetic mud splattered on my face . Too orange ? Too brown ? Too white ?

Not sure . But, all I have to do is blend, blend, blend.

My hand monotonously bangs on my face. Blend. Blend . Blend. Blatantly bending a substance. A substance I am ignorant to .

All these efforts described , yet more often than NOT my face results in a myriad of colors. A failed attempt at a Picasso. All because I cannot blend .

In truth , I am not trivializing makeup . At weddings, when professionals decorate my face- I have to say , I check myself out at least one or twice.

But , this plastered beauty is not me . For, I love to rub my eyes . I enjoy blinking profusely . I enjoy tanning . I enjoy my face that flushes red.

No wait. Who is that lazy slob? Discolored by nature. Red blotches on her face from running, walking, or laughing too much. I don't recognize HER either.

Snapforward: Nonetheless , makeup I do. When I want to leave my body and be someone else . Someone powerful . Classy . Fashionable . Presentable .

For my "pick-me- up days" when I want to be free of my face . Free of my reflection . Free of my emotions . It is then , that dolled up Christy appears . Yet, I do not recognize her either.

I wonder if they will ever meet ? Then, maybe she will finally stop staring at me. Maybe then she can finally "recognize me". For now, I continue to be "Mascarad". "Mascarad" in the triquetra of my face- or faces.

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