My best-friend: My toilet
My best-friend: My toilet  silly stories

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For the smells I make , are for you and only you.
Disclaimer: This is a very silly piece and not profound at all ! I was feeling a bit goofy and silly today :)

My best-friend: My toilet

Dear best-friend, I'm sorry, I undervalue you. I'm ashamed to say, I strain you. Indeed, at times I drain you.

Nonetheless, you still welcome or receive me (at least) three times a day.

Without you, I would self-defecate.

I would explode or more likely implode.

Also , you are mine and only mine . I don't let anyone use you. When I come to think of it, I really do abuse you .

For the smells I make are for you- and only you!

You see me at my lowest , my largest , when I'm sick, wasted, and in health. Indeed I lean on you (quite literally).

You and only you, know what I had for breakfast , lunch , dinner, and those snacks in between ( I pretended not to have).

'A sanctuary', 'A place to nap', 'A solace after a hard day", 'A place to cry', are words used to praise your sister and brother: the tub and shower, respectively.

You all likely already guessed what I am. For , you all use me too (and well the picture at the start was more than just a little clue ).

The bathroom I adore - yet unlike the shower or bathtub, you my best friend, we OVERLOOK.

My toilet, we ignore you . Like all things nasty or dark we obscure you , unless to exploit you. Like I am now - to write this piece .

Weren't our times supposed to be private and sacred ? After all, my best thoughts and epiphanies come when I'm on you .

Ciao, Au revoir, adiós. Aloha my friend, until the next time. But the next time , I promise to keep our memories to myself. P.S. Thank you for helping keep my beer-belly at bay!

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