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A jealous knife in Master Warner's pantry.

Master Warner's knife

Born. I am born. Born- sprouting, spitting, jealousy. The chiming of my sisters, cousins, and brothers, surround me.

Sister, Spoon : scrumptious and spacious. Liquid white snow-flakes linger on your belly. Master Warner opens his duck shaped mouth.

Mhhm zig zig. He always sings while eating you.

Cousin fork,

Your fingers fly freely. Meanwhile, my teeth grind against mommy's plate.

Cutting, chasing, - at the sturdiness of Master Warner's steak.

Slip. Splash. I scratch mommy. Why do I always hurt her? Why don’t I have fingers?

Then, you. Only. you. And sister spoon get to touch Master Warner’s mouth. That is until my special day....

I nibble on mommy's belly in preparation.

Crimson lights linger . Linger in my view. Drums play. Sister sways. Cousin vibrates. Finally, it is Master Warner’s birthday.

Sing to me today. Today, I am the star. My leg, Master Warner's hero.

Master Warner’s new girlfriend - sings.

And grabs a brand new, shiny, silver knife.

She stabs Master Warner's birthday cake. And stabs my identity. - By an orphaned, and exiled knife.

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