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Thursday's became more than a banana nut muffin, it became therapy.


Every Thursday I like to go to "Vent Cafe," and indulge in a decadent banana nut muffin and read through my old personal journals.

For the past 2 months, I've noticed this couple who comes in every Thursday as well. They would always sit by the window that faces the constant traffic.

However, the traffic never seems to distract their interaction with each other.

I found their chemistry so admirable it would often get me thinking, about when I'd get back into a relationship again.

I remember one Thursday over hearing the couple's conversation, from sitting slightly behind them. It was the way they handled their disagreement, that I found so flattering.

He didn't dismiss her feelings, and she acknowledged why he didn't agree with her. The way they passionately handled their disagreement made me easily admire them even more. I want that.

I know what's theirs is for them. I just want my own with a sprinkle of the passion they both have found in each other. They became my every Thursday's passionate inspiration.

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