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Be a REBEL! Don't be so easy to give up on yourself.


REBEL IN…. being a fighter when it comes to your freedom. Your piece of mind, that centered place you can retreat back to when situations in life knock you off balance.

REBEL IN… someone who appreciates what their self freedom symbolizes. REBEL IN… being unapologetic for staying true to your authentic self.

Keep in mind you hold the power, don’t get distracted by others who seek to restrain you from your rights of being a REBEL.

If you ever find yourself knocked down, off balance, in a place of uncertainty or in a state of mind where your purpose is blurry and your reflection of yourself is left unfamiliar.

Just remember these two words “REBEL IN,” being a freedom fighter. When it comes to your power, keep that.

If for some reason you’re feeling like you gave your power up, you got a get that back REBEL.

We’re human, meaning we’re flawed. Life isn’t always going to be perfect, but we do have the choice to make the best of it.

We will at some point in life go through experiences that leave us as a stranger to ourselves.

The question is, “are we ready to rebel in getting back to that secured place of knowing who we are?” That position of power where we’ll fight for our freedom and fight to keep it.

There’s power in knowing thyself and we can’t afford to give that up.


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