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You know when your fears hold you back from so many amazing opportunities? Well, how about jumping off the surface of your fears and soaring into your freedom.


"Jump from the surface of all your fears.”

-Christina The Writer

I’m learning that fear is the shelter as to where temporary “comfort” resides.

Shelter where comfort started out as a temporary place to stay, but we keep finding excuses to pay for more extended time because we’ve gotten to use to what we already know.

So, we create the stubborn and scared thoughts that feed off of our fears.

We then give up our power and our fears end up taking over and now we’re left too afraid, to move out of the shelter that houses our comfort.

Familiarity fuels off of what we’re not courageous or spontaneous enough to explore. Our fears are now handed over power that didn’t even have to work hard for.

We’re too stuck on the “high” that comfort provides. That so call “elevated” escape that familiarity supplies.

What happens when we start to grow out of the pleasure that comfort use to bring us and we’re left in a unfamiliar place?


Since we've provided our fears a place to stay, meaning a place where mentally we’ve provided shelter for our fears,

carelessly giving it permission to keep us stagnant and blocking opportunities from presenting itself. I don’t know about you, but I wised up and a Sistah wants all her opportunities.

I’ve jumped off the surface of my fears and this blog is my liberation. This blog is my opportunity presenting itself to me and from it will grow many more amazing opportunities.

So, that high that I use to get from comfort with familiarity. After jumping, I’m now soaring with endless possibilities and infinite opportunities because fear no longer has a home here.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from endless possibilities and infinite opportunities. 
Jump off of the surface of your fears and don’t land on your feet, that’s too much of a familiar place.

You already know how to do that. Now is the time to explore how to soar and breathe in that freedom. You’re no longer a prisoner of your fears, so why question staying.


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