The Nazi's Forbidden Love
The Nazi's Forbidden Love germany stories

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In history, many are taught about the horrors of the concentration camps. Suffering and death of many of its prisoners. Yet, the camps holds other secrets. Secrets of a forbidden love of a Nazi soldier and a Jewish prisoner. Will they be together or will everyday threat of death get in the way of their love.

The Nazi's Forbidden Love

by csantacruz

Secret of the Camp

Suffering and tears in any camps within Germany. Jews tortured and killed. Camps filled with suffering and loss of hope. Was it? Could love haunt such walls? Perhaps. A Jew. A Nazi. Love

Anton Muller

The stench of death. Horrid. I am one of the many guards of Auschwitz. A soldier of death. A monster. I have blood on my hands and I am not proud. I am saddened. I have killed many innocents


Anton POV It is snowing and it is cold. The prisoners are cold as well. Many still work. Many die. I held my gun. I hear a noise. I then see something. A train to the camp of death.

Life and Death

I stood by the trains, many people were confused and afraid. Many of the Jews were separated from their loved ones. Many called for their loved ones. Many are to live, many are to die.

Sight of Her

The screams of may people is not new to me, I am used to it. I looked at the many Jews walking to their death. I then looked elsewhere and when I did, I saw someone. A woman. What am I feeling

The Woman

This woman is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon. Unlike the others, I see no fear in her eyes. Her will to live is strong. I walked to her. I want to know more of her.

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