Soldier's Dangerous Obsession
Soldier's Dangerous Obsession soldier stories

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Ian Fox, 28, came back from Afghanistan. Ian lost his left leg and has PTSD, his fiancee cheated on him, his family doesn't want anything to do with him, his friends forgotten about him. Ian feels that life is meaningless and tries to commit suicide, but Yazmin, 23 came into his life. Yazmin, saves Ian from taking his on life and Ian is given hope, but Yazmin only sees him as a friend. Ian cannot let her be in another man's arms. He needs her. He wants her. His want becomes a dangerous obsession.

Soldier's Dangerous Obsession

By: Crystal Santacruz

Ian Fox

Gunshots. Gunshots are heard everywhere!! "George! Sam!!" I yelled for my comrades. I looked all over my friends in the broken house. I looked all over and I saw them, dead. I wake up.


The same nightmare of my friends from the war, who died in front of me. I am not the same nor was the life I lived before, when I came home from the war.


My friends paid no mind to me, my fiance, Tina, cheated on me and left me, my parents are drug addicts. I have no one in this world. I lost my left leg. I can't take it anymore. I want my end.


Work to achieve my goal, to become a teacher. It's dark outside and walking to my apartment. I walk by a bridge and I see a man. Broken. I see him go over the bridge. Wait...he wouldn't!


"Stop!" yelled Yazmin. Ian looked at her. "Don't try to stop me." "I am here to tell you that you're an idiot! Don't so this!" she pleaded. "I have nothing anymore!" he said. Yazmin came closer

Kiss of Life

Yazmin held Ian's face and her lips came closer to his. She kissed him. Ian is in shock, but deep down, he felt alive. He kissed her back. Then, with all her strength. Yazmin pulled Ian to land.

Ian is on top of Yazmin, and he realized what he was about to do. He cried, he cried on top of Yazmin. She hugged him. He hugged her back. Yazmin patted him to comfort him. He felt...happy.

New Feelings

Yazmin decided to take Ian to her apartment, fearful that he would try to take his life. Ian felt so many emotions in his heart. He hasn't felt so much kindness in such a long time.

Thoughts in the Night

As Yazmin slept in her room and he on the couch, he thought about her, Yazmin. He missed the love, kindness, and happiness. Yazmin saved him from taking his one life. Perhaps Yazmin is my hope

His Happiness

It has been days since Yazmin saved me. She and I would call and meet one another. I felt so happy. Yazmin brings me so much happiness. Yes... She is my happiness Mine alone...


Yazmin invited me to a barbecue and it was fun, until I see her hanging around with a guy. I have been told her best friend. He is hugging her. No! Don't touch her! She is mine! Mine alone!


"Who is that guy, you were with?" asked Ian. "A friend since high school," said Yazmin. "He looks nice." "He is! He is quite a guy," she responded. I see her smile. A smile that I did not like


Yazmin brought a new friend. His name is Ian she said. When I first met him, I felt something off. I felt a dangerous aura about him. I saw how he looked at Yazmin. I didn't like it one bit.

Brian's Visit

A month later... Yazmin is in her apartment, when she hears a knock on her door. She opens the door, it is Brian. She lets him in. She notices that he looked nervous. "Are you okay Brian?"


Brian looked at Yazmin and spoke. "I...I love you, Yazmin. Ever since I first met you. I didn't say anything because I was afraid. I can't contain my feelings anymore. It is nothing but the truth

Her Love

Yazmin is in shock, her heart beating quickly. She looked at Brian and cried. I feel the same way for a long time. She put her arms around Brian and she kissed him. He kissed her back.


A Few Days Later... Ian POV "Yamin called me to tell me the news, she is Brian. Another man. A man that is not me! I felt so angry an jealous! Why!?

His Insanity

I haven't seen Yazmin in a couple days, she is with Brian! I can't take it anymore! I need to see her. I need Yazmin now! She is mine alone! She is my happiness! I need to get her back to me!

Her Happiness, His Despair

Ian POV She told me the news that I dreaded the most. She is with another man! Why!? Why can't I be happy? She is actually happy while I am in despair. No her happiness is with me. Only me!


Days later... Ian looked at the moon with delight. A smile with no emotion appeared on his face. Blood on his face, hands and clothing. He looked down and a body filled with blood is before him

Smile of Death

Ian felt delight in his heart as he stood beside the woman he loved. The woman who saved his life. He sees many people in tears as the casket with a body is put on the ground. Ian can only smile


Ian comforted Yazmin and he felt delight. Yazmin sees him more and trusts him. Both are closer. Brian is no longer in the way. To Ian, Yazmin is his. He will make sure of it...

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