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Summary It's 1890 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Anabelle Johnson has inherited her grandmother's house near the murky swamp.

Other Side

Anabelle POV It has been so many years since I have been in my grandmother's house. There have been so many happy memories, but also sad ones. My father and mother lived in this house with my maternal grandmother, but my father died of an illness when I was fifteen.

Anabelle POV My mother was never the same. My grandmother helped take care of her. My aunt, who I haven't seen in years, helped when my grandmother asked. To cope with the stress, I began to write.

Anabelle POV Since then, I have been in writing competitions and won. I even entered a school to become a journalist. I had to leave Louisiana, my family. My aunt and grandmother supported me. I told them and my mother goodbye.

Anabelle POV I went of to London and stayed for two years. During that time, I have been writing to my grandmother. However, in the month of September 1890, the letters stopped. I was worried, but maybe, the letters were lost or my grandmother was busy. A month later, I received a letter from my aunt.

Anabelle POV My grandmother and mother disappeared. My aunt, Leila, and the neighbors helped with the search. There was no sight of them. Many believed they were dead since the house was next to a swamp. I had to return home.

Anabelle POV A week passed, and I arrived back home, baggage on hand. I saw the house. It is the same as I have left. My heart was beating. Aunt Leila waited for me at the entrance. Tears fell from our eyes. We embraced our loss.

Anabelle POV Once settled, Aunt Leila told me that the house is in my name. My grandmother left it to me. "Care for this house, sweet Belle. However, this house has its secrets and if you try to unravel them, you too might become one of the secrets," Aunt Leila said.

Anabelle POV Night arrived, Aunt Leila left to her husband. I was alone in my room, combing my hair. The silence brought loneliness and uncomfort. I am alone. "Time to sleep." I got onto the bed, until- BANG! BANG! BANG!

Anabelle POV "What is that sound!?" I yelled out. It sounded as if the banging came from the walls. I sat up on the bed and saw my room mirror big and long. Looking at my own reflection. "It must be rodents. Yes, that's it. By morning it shall be gone."

Anabelle POV It has been two days, and every night has been the same; I heard the banging noise. Aunt Leila came to visit. She giggled. "Tis could be spirits, young one. As I said, this house has its secrets. I shall stay with you tonight. We might uncover them."

Anabelle POV My aunt kept her word, she stayed. We both were to sleep in the same room. However, she went to the bathing room, to bathe, I stayed in my room. I waited for the banging noise. Nothing. "Strange," I said as I looked at the mirror. Then, I noticed something.

Anabelle POV The mirror! The mirror seemed to have a small opening! I pulled it. It was a secret door. I looked ahead, nothing but darkness. I could call for Aunt Leila, but she is still bathing. My curiosity was too great. I got a candle and went into the path.

Anabelle POV As I kept on walking, I stilled. Blood. I noticed something small; a fingernail. My heart was pounding faster and harder. I slowly turned before me. My eyes became wide with horror. Bodies.

Anabelle POV I was shaking as I put the light closer to the bodies. I wanted to scream, but I felt my spirit leave me. "Mother! Grandmother!" How!? I remembered the banging. Was it them!? Were they still alive and they wanted my help! What!? What!? Then...

Anabelle POV The mirror door! It has been closed! I ran to it, the candle fell from my hand and ran to the door banging! "Aunt Leila! HELP!" (End of POV)

Slight banging was heard, and the faint image of Anabelle was seen from the other end. Anabelle saw who was in the room. "AUNT LEILA! AUNT LEILA! I'M TRAPPED! PLEASE HELP!" However, she didn't get a response. Anabelle saw her Aunt Leila standing in front of the mirror, motionless.

Aunt Leila looked at the mirror while holding a key in her right hand and then a paper in her left hand. Slowly, the older woman eyed the paper, reading its content. It was her mother's will; leaving everything to Anabelle. However, Leila was considered a safety, just in case if something were to happen to Anabelle. Leila then eyed the mirror once again.

Then, a sadistic smile came across Leila's lips. "A new beginning. Yes, I will have a new beginning. Yours is the beginning of the end." Leila slowly walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, ignoring the banging and slight muffles from the other side of the mirror.

Anabelle was trapped on the other side of the mirror with the corpse of her mother and grandmother. The candle was still on the floor, in front of the two corpses. The light was no more. THE END

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