Obsession of a Vampire
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It is the time of year, where male vampires of all over the world meet in the cold forest in Alaska to take part of the Mate Hunt. Female humans are kidnapped by older vampires for the mateless male vampires. In the vampire society, only males are born and they need females to mate.

One of the females that is kidnapped, is 21 year old Esmerald and she is terrified of the idea of being the mate of a bloodthirsty vampire. She catches the eye of Hunter, 29, who has not found the mate he desperately wanted, but when he sees Esmerald, he knew he wanted her. Yet, Hunter has other competitors to fend off. Although that is the case, he will not stop at nothing to get Esmerald and when he does he will never let her go.

He will not allow it.

Obsession of a Vampire

By: Crystal Santacruz

Year for the Vampire

It is time and all male vampires know. Many are looking forward for this year's Mate Hunt. Many want a mate of their own, their species are at risk for extinction, for only males are born.


Hunter POV It is night and I knew it is the time of year for the mate hunt. I live in Russia; I am 29; I am mateless. I began losing hope, for this is my last year to participate in the hunt.

Vampire Council

The Vampire Council meet inside of a mountain that hidden in a dark forest. They discuss of the mate hunt and the female participants. Human women, for there are no female vampires.


The council's servants were ordered to kidnap female human all over the world. One of the human females lives in Alaska. She is about to know of her fate.

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