King of Atlantis
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csantacruzMy life is my imagination
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A city of legend and mystery. Many believe it is a myth, but is it? Trystan, is king of Atlantis and has lived in his destroyed kingdom ever since its downfall. He has been punished by the gods, but one day, everything changed. He rescues a human woman, Marina and he feels something he has not felt in such a long time.

King of Atlantis

by csantacruz

Destruction of Atlantis

The Gods are angry with a King of Atlantis, who has disrespected the gods. Trystan. Earthquakes and tsunamis has destroyed the city and killed its people. All, but one, who is to live forever


Marina POV Here I am in the ocean, to travel. This has always been my dream. I am also here to also see is the legends are true. Bermuda Triangle, where many people have died. I am not afraid

Bermuda Triangle

Marina POV I drove my boat, farther to the ocean and to the supposed triangle. Then, my boat turned off and the ocean waters changed. It got violent and dangerous. This is it. Bermuda Triangle


Trystan POV It has been thousands of years since I live in my destroyed kingdom. The reminder as a failing king and my loneliness. I can shape shift by will, but I cannot escape the triangle


Marina POV The ocean waves are strong! I can't hold on for long! I am losing my grip! I lost my grip of the boat. Water! Water everywhere! Cold! Drowning! I am going to die! Is this it!?

Hand of the Waters

Trystan sees a vision. A woman in the waters. Drowning. He got out of his kingdom and swam to drowning woman. He found her. He held her and quickly went to his home.


Trystan looked at the woman in his bed. For the first time in thousands of years, a woman is in his kingdom. He touched her face. Soft and delicate. A beauty she is

Mortal and Immortal

Marina has awaken and she realizes she is no longer in the ocean. She felt herself breathing. She is alive. "You are awake," said a voice. Marina turned and she sees a man. A smiling man.

City of Legends

"Who are you?" asked Marina. The man smiled. "I am Trystan, King of Atlantis." Marina is silent for a while. "What...?" "As you heard. I am the king of the city of legends."


Marina POV I could not believe that I am in Atlantis, the city that no person could find. I also cannot believe that the man who saved me is the king. It feels like an eternity being here


Skylar POV It has been days since Marina has gone missing. Her family and friends looked for her with the police. Nothing. Everyone thinks she is dead, but not I. I feel she is alive.


It has been days for Marina as she stayed in Atlantis. She learned so much from Trystan, who tried to make her comfortable. She was weary, but she became trusting, little by little.


Trystan POV It has been many years since I have spoken with someone. I was a terrible ruler and I am paying the price. Now I have someone to speak to. This is my chance to have someone with me.

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