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by crystalisedsaha

I look into your eyes and I see the sun and the moon and all the stars I've ever laid eyes upon Sometimes they gleam as if you see the same Sometimes they glint with your mischievous intentions

But if I think I see something that scares me Don't be surprised if I run and hide

And even though your arms are the only place I feel at home Don't be surprised if the day they don't seem welcoming I refuse to be held And ask you not to look at me like I broke your heart

At least you're not the one with its jagged edges pressing against your windpipe Making breathing feel like sandpaper sliding down your throat and words get caught on the pieces

And if I think that I hear venom seeping from your words Even though watching you look at me makes my heart stutter and jump and fill with a bliss I've never known

Don't be surprised if I can't bear to watch you tell me what I think are lies

Don't be surprised if when you force my face up my eyes are red and brimming with tears I've been holding back since the day you said I love you

Don't be surprised if I can't say it back

If a day comes when words can't convince and touches can't assure Don't be surprised when I stand facing you with my heart in my throat because I can't stand to wear it on my sleeve

But also Don't forget that even when I can't bear to tell you that my heart is shattering or that I love you more than life itself Doesn't mean it isn't true

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