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crystal_sky You inspire my inner serial killer...
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warning there may be spelling mistakes but idc I'm done with trying

Beginning to End

So today I was starting out pretty good. I felt pretty and I felt strong.

I thought that today was going to be a good day! My first break I was talking to friends and my classes were going pretty good. They were not as boring.

We worked on graduation speeches and I was going to make mine inspirational. Then came lunch... I haven't been eating for the past few weeks. I only eat dinner and a little breakfast.

During the school year I have only eaten about 5 lunches but today I thought I should eat something. The lunch I has was pretty weird, it was chef boyardee raviolis, and it was in a can.

I was also wearing a fake nose ring (just to add in it will make more sense later.) anyways I had my food on the lunch table and then our male teacher walked up.

here is how our conversation went.... HIM: Are you really going to eat that??? ME: Um no its my son... ( was nervous and decided to make a joke...

HIM: Well that doesn't make it any less weird. HIM: Well then what does your "son" think of your FAKE nose ring??? Weird! and then he walked away...

WELP All my happiness is gone maybe the universe is telling me maybe I should stop trying, I'm still too fat, even adults will never accept you...

Just GIVE UP! So thats my TRUE story of today MY LESSON OF THIS STORY: I need to just fucking stop trying I will never be good enough

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