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crysilyndesirae I'm not a poet, but I post poetry.
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"Why?" questions I asked myself after something 'bad' happened to me.


Why can’t I eat this sandwich? I’ve had nothing all day.

Why did I have a breakdown after taking a bite of the sandwich that refused to go down?

Why did I say yes to hanging out so late at night?

Why did you betray my trust?

Why does it feel like I’ve been violated, even though my clothes never came off?

Why do I bear the scars? Why didn’t I give any to you?

Why didn’t I fight you off harder?

Why didn’t I scream?

Why didn’t I let myself cry when it happened? Maybe things would be different.

Why am I so sad after the fact, even though it wasn’t worst case scenario?

Why didn’t you listen when I told you not to expect sex?

Why was your excuse that you couldn’t help yourself?

Why didn’t you listen when I told you to get off of me?

Why did you keep kissing me when I turned my head away? when I buried myself in pillows?

Why ask me if I’m okay only to ignore my no?

Why is my no twisted to mean "convince me"?

Why did I let you stay the night?

Why did I get back in bed with you after you scared me into zoning out?

Why did I kiss you after you scared me into zoning out?

Why did kissing you make me nauseous?

Why did you choke me, even after I told you I didn't like it?

Why did I tell you that the night before I had a dream I was raped?

Why didn’t that stop you throughout the night?

Why did you think just telling me you would never disrespect a woman's body meant you could not listen to me?

Why am I only taken serious if I have razors for hands?

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