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"They say you're the reason it happened. You're the one who put our city in the sky."

City in the Sky

"They say you were there that day," Pete whispers, trying to catch the sorcerer's eye.

"Who says that?" The sorcerer, Patrick, asks as his careful hands move quickly to wrap bandages around Pete's arm.

His eyes are trained on the wound and they don't seem to want to leave that spot.

"Everyone." Patrick huffs out a semi-laugh through his nose, pulling tighter than necessary on the bandages and making Pete wince.

"Is that all they say?" He asks quietly, a small, humorless smile on his face. Pete swallows harshly. He doesn't mean to pry, but it's not every day you meet a legend.

"No, sir." Patrick hums and Pete takes that as a sign to continue. "They say you're the reason it happened. You're the one who put our city in the sky."

Patrick raises an eyebrow but Pete misses it as he casts his eyes up. Their home floats above them, dim and dark under the moonlight. "They say you're tied to it somehow.

That you ended the war by putting us there." Pete brings his eyes back down to the sorcerer. Patrick's hands have stopped moving and his eyes remain glued to the ground.

Patrick blinks and lifts his head, and Pete can do nothing escape the piercing gaze of the man's mismatched eyes.

"Do you know how I'm tied to it? How everything came to be?" Patrick asks softly, tilting his head slightly as he asks.

"We've only been told stories," Pete whispers, watching as Patrick hums and adjusts his position.

He turns to lean against the dead tree behind them and leans his head against it, staring at the shining city above them.

"A soul is a powerful thing, don't you think?" Pete's forehead creases and he casts his eyes to the ground.

"Your soul?" Patrick smiles lightly and turns his attention back to Pete.

"I did everything I could to save it during the war. There were so many people that were stuck in the middle. I couldn't just let them die."

Patrick whispers, his eyes closing as he recalls the past. "I did what I thought would be best. Magic is very strong, but mine wasn't strong enough. I needed something to boost it."

"You enchanted the city or something within it to cast the spell, didn't you?" Patrick smiles and opens his eyes.

"The whole city vibrates with power. I'm sure you've felt it."

"You tied your soul to the entire city?" Patrick hums again and nods.

"I needed a big enough tether for my magic. I poured everything into the remnants of my soul as it covered the city. It won't fall. Not until I'm dead." Pete frowns at Patrick.

"You're dying then?" Patrick shoots him a small smile.

"After all these years? Yes. I've lived for hundreds of years, I think my time is coming."

"What will you do? The city falling would-"

"It would be catastrophic," Patrick concluded.

"But you have a plan?" Patrick turns his attention back to the city and with a smile that lights up his eyes for the first time since Pete's met him, he answers.

"I do. And it will be legendary."

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