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The relationship between life and death is most tragic, but also a mystery. She sends him gifts constantly, and he keeps them forever. Excerpt on the relationship between them. Creative commentary is acceptable. Thank you. :) I submitted this to a contest for my school a while back and am just now deciding to actually post it. It got second place so hey I guess it isn't that bad. XD

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Life And Death

“Who are you…? Death?” Life was a mysterious entity. She was beautiful and shone like the night sky, but also as bright as the sun. However, even Life herself looked beaten down sometimes.

She was a jumbled up puzzle that people spent a lifetime trying to piece together. Her eyes were as bright as creation, and her hair flowed as elegantly as time.

“Sometimes. Not today.

” When he wasn't Death, he was a ghost waiting for victims and creeping around every corner, but he was so entranced in Life's beauty,

and so ashamed of the beauty he believed to be absent of that he veiled himself in a pitch black cloak. Death hid, and he never believed that Life would love him. She was not that crazy.

Nobody knew who he was, just that he existed.

He was something to be avoided, and although he sought solace and enjoyed everything opposite of life, she observed him as if he were something to be desired.

"How can people hate you, but love you at the same time?" Life would often ask him questions, but for most things about himself, even he didn't have an answer.

"Because you are the start to something beautiful, and everyone sees me as an ending. I am the painful truth that nobody wishes to accept.

" He admitted solemnly, pulling his cloak tighter around himself and forcing his gaze towards the ground where grass withered from where he sat upon it.

"I don't believe that." Life lifted her head, her beautiful blue eyes shining like azure stars.

She sat down beside of him, and plants sprouted beside of her full of life, and swaying beautifully with the wind. How he hated the difference between them.

"I send you gifts every single day, but do you keep them?" She asked.

Indeed he did. Life sent him gifts every single day, and he would keep them forever. Spirits that were ready to be released to him, and he cherished every single one.

Though lately, he had noticed that many people were less appreciative of Life, and would quit before their time was up. He noticed the grief, and them begging for him to take them sooner.

How sad it made him.

"But you are all the good in the world." He pointed out. "I am the one who takes all of that away." He said regretfully. "I destroy what you spend every day building.

I take away all the happiness you have created."

Life simply shook her head, and her eyes darted to him. He held his breath. "You are the end to hardships, and to those who believe there is nothing they could do more.

You are the end to pain, and grief. Most see you as beautiful, but you do not wish to see it yourself." She pointed out. "You're the caretaker of those who grieve.

I am simply the time passing by."

Death mulled over her words, and looked out into the starlit night. "You are always full of wisdom.

" He stood, grudgingly accepting the things that wilted underneath him in the shape of a handprint, that of which he used as support to stand.

"And you are always so full of mystery." She replied, brushing her hand across the withered plants restoring them to life.

"Why don't you let people know who you are? Let them see you for you." She smiled softly at the thought. "I bet you're beautiful under what you try to hide."

"I think if I did, people wouldn't appreciate you so much anymore." He admitted and indeed her knew that was true.

"If they knew exactly when I was waiting for them, they might not cherish the little things you provide for them."

Life's eyes lowered to the ground, and then she rose to her feet. "Death lives a lonely life." She turned clasping her hands behind her back. "Living in Solitude.

I don't want to imagine anything like that."

"It's not," he blurted and turned when she looked at him, eyes full of surprise. "You give me gifts every day, and they all keep me company.

" He turned from her, so that the bright light she radiated would not reveal his face.

"You keep every single one?" She questioned and smiled broadly at his nod. "I'm glad." She then made her way down the field. "Then I will keep sending you gifts.

" She decided, and as if sensing his puzzled expression, she held up her hand. "I will send them to you, and you can keep them company."

"All of them?" He couldn't help but smile. "Even those that take for granted what you give them?"

"Even them." She decided and disappeared over the crest of the hill they'd been sitting on. Life and Death may have been different, but they were two sides of the same coin.

He took her gifts, and in return she granted new life. Neither were to be taken for granted, nor ignored. They both however different, were still beautiful.

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