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Murder Riddles

by crownedmoriarty

A Midnight Murder

A man decides to take his wife on a midnight drive. They drive past roads they had driven when they were still young and in love, but, the husband was not concentrating.

They stop at the end of a road, near a river. He draws the knife out the cubby hole, and plunges it into her chest. He only stops stabbing her until the light has died from her eyes.

He quickly threw the knife into the river, and dragged her body out into the bushes. From there he quickly turns his car around, and drove back home, and sat nervously in his armchair.

Then the phone rang. It was the police, who wanted him to come to the crime scene, for they had found his wife, dead. He said he would be right there.

He drove as fast as he could, back to where he had been just 5 min. before. But, he was not welcomed with apologies, but with the clink of handcuffs which were fastened around his wrists.

How did they know he was guilty of the crime?

The Suicide cassette

A man was found dead, in front of a cassette recorder, a bullet in his brain. After listening to the recorded message, the police said it was suicide. The message went a little like this:

I'm sorry. I can't go on. Tell my mom my I loved her. *Bang*

and then the recording stopped.

How did the police know it was murder, and not a suicide?

Two Girls: one lives, the other dies

Katie told Mary the they should go out for dinner. They went to a nice little place on third street, and ordered ice-tea and a burger.

Mary started talking about her day, taking small sips of her drink between sentences, while Katie however downed the drink in one gulp.

They ate their burger, and then decided to order dessert. But, when the bill arrived, Mary started coughing up blood, and died shortly after.

After a thorough investigation, it was found that both girls had had the exact amount of poison in their drinks, but Katie was still alive and well.

How is this possible?

Are you feeling our chemistry?

A famous chemist, was found dead at his desk one day, multiple stab wounds to the abdomen. When his wife found him, she called the ambulance and police.

The police interrogated the suspects:


I may have stolen some medicine once, and he did file a court case against me. I had to stay in jail for a week! But, I do have an alibi. I was with my boyfriend.


I did have a 'fling' with his wife, and he kinda walked in on us, doing uh- the thing. He threatened to call the police, but it sorted itself out. I was alone at the time though...


I'm an activist, and ALL his products are tested on animals! I hated him, and I held regular protests for his pharmacy to be shut down. But, I was in a meeting at 8:30, so I have alibis.


His wife had tried to come on to me, once. Eurgh, it was horrible! And, when her husband walked in, she blamed me! No, I was with my other half. Don't tell her, but I am going to propose.


I was at bingo the entire night. When I got home, at around 12, I went to bed, and only in the morning did I check on him. I often did want him dead, but I didn't do it!

Archibold and Xavier

We just thought the prices were ridiculous! And, our mum was sick, and the tablets we bought didn't even work! She died, and its his fault.

There was a letter, which said that it had been a 2 man job. 26-3-58 28-27-57-16

Who did it?

The Four rooms; three deadly, one harmless

A criminal was sentenced to death, however he got to choose how he wanted to die. He had the choice of four rooms.

Room 1.

was filled with flames as hot as lava, and you would be nothing but ashes in under a minute.

Room 2

was a room with blades on the walls, and shards of glass on the floor, you would die of blood loss, long and painful.

Room 3

was filled with starving lions, who were waiting impatiently for their next prey.

Room 4

was filled with a deadly gas, which would suffocate you.

He chose one room, and survived.

Which room did he pick?

Answers so far

A Midnight Murder

How did the man know where the crime scene was?

The Suicide Cassette

Who stopped the recording?

Two Girls; one lives, the other dies

The poison was in the ice. Katie drank the ice tea quickly, and the ice hadn't melted yet, but Mary drank it slowly, and the ice melted.

Are you feeling our chemistry?

Felice and Nicolas. They had each other as alibis, and the numbers spell out Felice and Nicolas on the periodic table.

Four Rooms; three deadly, the other harmless

The lions were dead for they had not been fed in a while.

The Three Benson Brothers

I was just relaxing in my armchair, when a bloodcurdling crash came from behind. Glass flew everywhere, some cut the back of my neck, leaving small gashes.

I tuck-ducked-and-rolled, and then got up to see what had happened. It was a small baseball.

Three boys were busy running down my street, rather quickly. My detective skills told me that they had thrown the baseball at my window by accident, causing it to break.

I recognised them as Steve, Mark, and Zane Benson, the brothers who lived down the road from me. I decided to think nothing of it, and ask their mother to pay for damage.

But, the next day, I received a small note, with just four words on it.

It was ? Benson

Who threw the stone which hit my window?

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