The Mind-Blowing Chopstick Hack Doesn't Work, But This One Does

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The world went crazy over this chopstick trick tweet

Guess what? It's a real thing! Check it out here: www.kickstartcropsticks.c...

The Mind-Blowing Chopstick Hack Doesn't Work, But This One Does

People have been going crazy over this chopstick trick

The viral chopstick hack:

Breaking the back tab and using it as a stand. Sounds genius right? This went viral all across the internet. Genius right? It is.....until you actually try it.

Trying the hack on normal chopsticks:

Suzy Strutner on the Huffington Post showed her attempt. Either it wouldn't budge or it would splinter.

I couldn't let the world get splinters.

Cropsticks is an innovative mess free line of disposable chopsticks. There is ACTUALLY a chopstick rest and it's designed to be removed.

Made with an actual chopstick rest AND it's eco friendly!

We pledge to make our product entirely out of sustainable materials like bamboo to prevent deforestation. Our mission is to leave behind a greener environment for future generations.

I was sitting on a flight to Asia eating Asian food

My chopsticks kept rolling of the tray table. I thought there had to be a better way and the idea of the attached rest was born! Thank you to my incredible team and our supporters!

Help us bring this product to your favorite Asian restaurant

Please share and/or back our Kickstarter at!

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@BradyOriginal right?? Seems so obvious in retrospect.....but so amazing i can't wait to see it everywhere

BradyI am one that thinks. 🙏
a year agoReply
@cropsticksco - This is brilliant! I myself have always kept my eyes open for brilliant ways to make something better. Re-inventing the chopstick in such a simple way gets 5 stars from me! Best wishes with the success of your product!