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My Childhood Hometown

by crobin13

Queenstown Tasmania

I grew up in a small town on the west coast of Tasmania, Australia. It is a mining town. The population when I was there was around the 3000 mark.

It was like living on another planet.

The mining had left many of the hills barren of vegetation and it made it seem like you were on another planet when you drove into it.

They had to close the mine recently.

Unfortunately recently there had been a couple of deaths at the mine. This has led to the mine being closed and the town is nearly approaching its last legs. This makes me sad.

If I won the lottery

If I won the lottery I could probably buy most of the town and help save it. And I would too, I loved this town and still do. It is remote so we had to move for more educational chances.

I really hope it doesn't die out.

It would be a tragedy due to its long storied history if the town had to shut down and die. They are thinking of opening the mine again. I hope they do. Tasmania wouldn't be the same without it.

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