How to be a good person
How to be a good person

crobin13Someone has to be me might as well be me
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How to be a good person

by crobin13

Being a good person is something everyone can do.

Like helping others when they need it, not talking behind people's backs.

Don't talk behind people's backs.

Gossip and back biting are very harmful to people. It isn't a nice thing to do. And if you hear something that isn't your business than don't say anything.

Just disappointed really, not even angry.

If someone has told you something in confidence than don't say anything to anyone about it. Trust is a two way street and once it is gone it is hard to get back.

That is my rant over and done with.

Someone has said something to one of my friends and now she is upset with me. I was asked something and answered it truthfully. And what my friend heard was their interpretation of what I said.

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