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Safety was always a delusion. It just took 17 deaths to realize that.

17 and counting

"We are going to have a lockdown drill at 12:35, please don't be alarmed. In light of what happened yesterday, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience." Inconvenience is an understatement. This is inconvenient, but even worse than inconvenient is the fact that this is terrifying in ways that nothing should ever be terrifying. 17 people dead.

"The lockdown drill will commence at this time. Please keep in mind- this is just a drill." The voice over the speaker was loud and it made my head spin. I crawl under the desk, breathing hard. I keep thinking, "What if this was real?" I breathe harder. My friend Dave looks at me from the next desk over, "What's wrong?" he whispers. I shake my head and put a finger to my lips. 17 people dead.

6:27 Wednesday, March 14th "I heard you and mom talking last night. I want you to know that I'm doing the walk out." I look over and try to gage Blake's reaction. "No, you're not," he says. He's my step dad and I hate him. "I am," I shoot back. "No, I forbid it." "And what gives you the right to do that?" I ask rhetorically. "Anyway, I'm doing it. At 10:00 a.m. I am leaving the school and standing silently in the schoolyard for 17 minutes." I get out of the car and walk away before he can say anything back. 17 people dead.

9:55 Wednesday, March 14 "Can I add something to that Mr. T?" I asked. He nodded at me and smiled. I look out over the class and take a deep breath as everyone falls silent, "I hate that everyone is using the walk out as an excuse to get out of class. It pisses me off." I hear a couple sharp breaths, (what are you 6? Come on, piss is not even a swear word) but when I look over at the teacher, he's nodding approvingly. "There are 17 people dead," I continue. "It makes me sick that people are using that as an excuse to get out of class. So don't even bother getting up if that's why you're doing it. There are 17 people that got shot." There was a tangible silence when I finished, and then, as if someone flipped a switch, half of the class clapped loudly and the other half just rolled there eyes and turned to the person next to them, probably to complain. 17 people dead.

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