To the one who broke my heart..
To the one who broke my heart.. stories

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To the one who broke my heart..


You will never see this but I'm doing it anyway. I never believed in the whole if it's meant to be they will come back until you came back.

Every time your name popped up on my phone I became so happy. You made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world.

You made me feel like a princess then you left out of the blew you made me feel like I was worthless and I'm not good enough for anyone.

And Ive tried to forget you. I kept telling myself oh he's dead to me but I've never forgot about you and I'm trying so fucking hard. You made me so happy I was probably the happiest I ever been

while talking to you but you also made me the saddest I have ever been you made me feel like someone could like me for who I am no matter my weight.

should've saw the signs where you would take hours to reply back but I was so blinded by the fact that I loved you that I didn't care about it so when you replied I would reply in .4 seconds.

But when I asked you if you felt any way different about me you said of course not and I believed you like a fool.

When I was sad you were always there. I keep reminding myself of the good times and trying to block out the shit you did to me so I don't hate you

but I feel like that's making things worse. I could go on for days about how I felt about you and how you made me feel but I'm just gonna stop here

I hope you whatever you're doing In your life makes you happy. All my love, C🥀

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