In a Circle We Dance

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crepicrisp Words to purge . . .
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When I met him, I was mesmerized by the Light he carried. I know you, even with when you always leave. A story about Day and Night.

In a Circle We Dance

I can only see him during sunset, atop my chariot Of dusk and umbra reigns.

My night sky was so very different from his skin of melted copper, Burning bronze even in the last kisses of starlight

While his hair became candlewicks That shimmered some wondrous flames.

He was beautiful, Unlike anyone I seen before.

But I could only glimpse at his departing figure As indigo blanketed the sky

And I was left to mull About him, yearning Until the first robin's song.


Dancing. Fleeting.

Dancing. Fleeting. Away.

I wonder If he rode a chariot like mine, Or just trod barefooted with the morrow.

I wonder if he'd also catch me leaving, Hoping that I'd turn back eventually.

Neither of us will,

Neither of us will, But I hope I can tell him my name.

Even if I know him from the sight of his back, Leaving,

It's enough, When you're willing to join me in this fruitless dance.

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