I Love You

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crepicrisp Words to purge . . .
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I won't say otherwise. Because I can't.
When soulmates endeavor to love one another.

I Love You

I was wondering what will happen if I told you I Love You.

Will you hold me closer inside the cavity of your chest, or preen underneath my soft caress? Because I Love You; your smile, your voice, your company.

I Love You, when starfall comes in milk streams and dandelions. I Love You, as the ocean drifts our bodies further, further apart from each other.

Underneath my tongue, on the roof of my mouth and behind my eyes.

'I Love You,' because you've been with me always, for the words on our wrists and the strings around our hearts tell us likewise.

The rose is red. The sky is blue. It will be true, someday, when I say 'I Love You.'

When the scissors we have are dulled and our scar runs deep to our bones. I won't say otherwise. Because I can't.

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